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The Best Hair Vitamins That Will Give You A Good Hair Day, Everyday

You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just took some trico.lab Vitamins. Okay, so those aren’t the exact lyrics that Ariana Grande is singing. But if you are looking for something to nurture your hair back to health, grow it out and step up your hair care routine, trico.lab’s potent blend of ingredients make for the best hair vitamins a gal could ask for right now.

trico.lab vitamins are formulated here right in Australia by experts who have years of experience in natural health care. The basis for all their products is to Do Good. Feel Good. Look Good. And that is exactly what their Good Hair Vitamins do for you and your hair.

The simple question is: do you want shiny, healthy, longer hair? If you answered yes, keep reading!


Tell me more about why these are the best hair vitamins

Do they really work?

One question that gets asked pretty often when it comes to hair growth supplements is: do they really work? The short answer is yes. The slightly longer answer is yes, if you understand that there is no miracle tablet that is going to grow your hair like Rapunzel’s overnight.

Instead, trico.lab’s potent blend of ingredients in the Good Hair Vitamins are about providing the nutrients your body needs to help it repair and flourish. The way it works is that our bodies distribute nutrition to all our vital organs - think the heart, lungs, brain - and what’s left will go to our hair, which isn’t much. So that’s why you’ll notice that our hair (and skin) starts to look a little worse for wear if we aren’t treating our bodies right, often even before you notice anything else is going wrong.

So the point of these trico.lab Good Hair Vitamins is to give the body extra nutrients to support your body from within, which will consequently promote stronger, healthier hair and allow it to actually grow instead of breaking off or falling out. Simple, right?



There are only 7 essential (and natural) ingredients in it

So in our opinion, what makes trico.lab’s offering one of the best hair vitamins on the markets is that it only contains essential nutrients and nothing more. No nasty additives, no fillers, no gimmicks - just the ingredients to help pump natural nutrients into your body. We keep mentioning this potent blend of ingredients... so what exactly is in it, we hear you asking? Let us break it down for you and explain how each one can benefit your hair, skin and nails.

1. Collagen

A massive ingredient in the world of wellness and beauty at the moment, collagen is an amino acid that your body naturally produces anyway. But as we get older, our collagen production slows down. In terms of hair strength and growth, our hair follicles rely on collagen to product keratin protein, and keratin is what helps hair growth, strength and elasticity. Collagen is also a natural antioxidant which can help promote hair growth and it can also fight free radicals that damage your hair follicles.

2. Biotin

Also known as vitamin H, biotin is a B complex vitamin that helps produce keratin, which as we mentioned earlier helps with hair elasticity and growth. A lack of biotin can lead to brittle hair which ultimately results in hair breakage and can really hinder your hair growth journey. Biotin also helps with building healthy fats in your skin - so expect stronger hair AND supple skin!

3. Grapeseed

Grapeseed oil is not only a powerful antioxidant, it also naturally contains a lot of vitamin E - which is great for your hair AND skin. Grapeseed is also full of proteins, minerals and linoleic acid that promote hair growth, and along with a nutritional diet can help keep your hair shiny and your skin glowing.

4. Selenium

Another naturally occurring amino acid that has antioxidant properties, selenium not only helps with hair growth but can also help with reducing dandruff. It’s actually an ingredient that appears in many anti-dandruff shampoos because it can destroy a specific fungus on your scalp which causes dandruff.

5. Silicon Dioxide

Don’t mistake this for one of those nasty silicones that you dread seeing on an ingredient list, silicon dioxide is naturally found in the tissues of the human body - and is considered an essential nutrient. In this particular vitamin blend, it helps make your hair thicker and stronger, and also helps form more collagen. Plus it facilitates your body’s absorption of calcium resulting in strong, healthy bones, teeth and nails too!

6. Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid

Another big one in the world of beauty and wellness at the moment, vitamin C also plays a large role in the formation of collagen. A bit too much vitamin C can have a detrimental effect but just the right amount - like there is in these Good Hair Vitamins -  can really help your body not only with collagen but also helps absorb iron better.

7. Zinc

Last but not least, zinc is crucial for healthy hair, skin and nails. This rich mineral is often recommended to help hair growth and prevent hair loss. A deficiency in zinc can lead to a deterioration of the protein structure that makes up the hair follicle, and as a result the weakening of the hair follicle leads to hair shedding and loss. Zinc may also help keep hormones level balanced, which can be a contributing factor in preventing hair loss.

And that’s it. Seven ingredients that not only aid each other in the promotion of strong, healthy hair but also help with better skin and stronger nails as well. Like we mentioned earlier - and as the ethos of trico.labs promotes - it’s about looking after your body from within and as a whole. Best hair vitamins ever? We think so!



How do I use it?

You just take one capsule per day. That’s it. Instead of eating 16 eggs, 1.2kg of bananas, a cup of broccoli and 14 cups of milk a day, simply take one trico.lab Good Hair Vitamin. Because that’s what the ingredient line up is the equivalent of in nutrients.

If that doesn’t make it one of the easiest and best hair vitamins on the market, we don’t know what does.

Get your good hair day today - and everyday

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, looking after your body is the first step in any hair and skin care routine. The trico.labs Good Hair Vitamins and the results you can get from them are proof of this. You can count on nutrient packed formula to be the best hair vitamins you’ll ever add to your routine. Try it for yourself today.

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Tammy Tu on March 23, 2020