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A Guide To How I Achieve Thicker Hair Using My Fave Styling Hacks

If you are one of the many women experiencing a lack of volume, hair loss, and fine hair like myself, then this one is for you. Safe to say, everyone wants healthier, thicker, and stronger hair, that's no secret.


Now this is obvious, but different products suit different hair types and for me, the BondiBoost Thickening Therapy range, along with a few of their incredible styling products work like a dream for my fine hair.


There are many long-term things we can do to improve the thickness of our hair. Compliance is key if you want to see real results, be patient and kind to yourself. Growth and thickening products are meant to be used daily, or at least as frequently as possible, to see the results you want to see. But today I'm going to talk about how I style my hair, so it appears thicker and fuller giving me the ultimate confidence, whilst introducing you to my new thickening haircare routine, that I wish I had discovered sooner.



The Thickening Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner duo, is nothing but heaven for our limp locks. Before we get to the reasons why our fine haired friends need this, can we talk about the smell of this product? My hair smelt like fresh-out-the-salon, summer, fruity goodness! It's a sensual therapy in itself. Not to mention, that I'm a sucker for the packaging and it's giving me major inspo for my next mani appointment.


Along with the divine smell when shampooing, you'll be pleased to know that the main players within these delightful bottles, are certified organic ingredients. Just to name a few, the key players are;


  • Vitamin B5 that'll strengthen and nourish the hair follicle promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss - Leading to a thicker mane.
  • Biotin that'll stimulate keratin production in the hair, increasing the rate of follicle growth - Leading to a thicker mane 
  • Niacin that'll improve blood circulation, bringing oxygen to the hair follicles resulting in hair development and ultimate hair goals (so make sure you really massage that scalp when shampooing) - Also leading to a thicker mane.


and for our star players, we have Ginseng and Sea Kelp which'll nourish each strand adding shine and gloss for the ultimate finish.


We're not done yet, now onto the Thickening Therapy Conditioner. This will change your hair game for the better.


Afraid of conditioning your hair due to the heavy conditioner, heavy hair myth? I hear you. BondiBoost are clever enough to create a thickening conditioner for us fine haired gals, containing volumising agents that will NOT flatten your hair. It will only thicken, and expand each strand using a volumising and strengthening complex, whilst plumping, nourishing and hydrating with vegan-friendly collagen and Hyaluronic acid. Make sure to apply just the conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends only, and not the roots.


This shampoo & con power couple is perfect for all hair types including you coloured hair gals, you're safe, I promise.




After indulging in a hot shower along with my new fave shampoo & conditioner, it's time to treat my locks and give them the love they deserve. The magic of The Thickening Spray is about to change your life. Known for its 'plumping powers' this is a fallen angel sent from above, if you have limp, flat hair like me. You can instantly feel the difference after spritzing this into your roots to ends. The powerful blend of Hyaluronic Acid and Ginseng (those volumising agents), will work to plump the density of each strand delivering instant thickness and volume. It's a yes from me.


I spritz this super lightweight spray into my roots, mid-lengths and ends (literally all over, like cover me baby), along with the BondiBoost Heat Protector which is super important step before styling your hair, then watch the magic happen when you blow and style. I've honestly never known a product like it, and can't believe the thickness it gives to my hair.



Before using the famous Blowout Brush from our friends at BB, I like to blast my hair off a little with a dryer, so it is about 60% dry just because it makes it a little easier for me to style my own hair. Please remember, that everyone's hair, techniques and styles are different, and you may want to go in straight from the bullet with the brush, when styling your hair from wet to dry, for smoother, silkier results.


I've tried many of these brushes, and the BondiBoost Blowout Brush is by far my fave! The bristles glide smoothly through my hair, and you have the option of 3 temperatures so you're in the driving seat when it comes to the heat!


Before using the innovative blowout brush, I like to spritz my hair with the Sea Salt Texture Spray. You're probably thinking this is strange, but it's a hack that I have done for a while, and it works to create extra texture, extra grit and memory hold to the hair. Not like other salt sprays, the SSTS has a weightless feel to it, doesn't feel sticky or tacky and smells like a cocktail you want to drink (although I don't advise that). Lightly spritz your locks and mist a small amount into the roots for extra, added volume.


Then we finish styling with the nation's fave Blowout Brush for ultimate volume goals. Combined with hot air and ionic technology creating a silky and bouncy blowout (clever thing), I start with my fringe and rotate the dryer away from my face in an upwards motion, and pop it in a roller to cool, whilst I style the rest of my hair. I then rotate the tool on the rest of my hair from root to tip, lifting as I style and dry for added volume. I rinse and repeat curling the sections of my hair under for the ultimate chic, bouncy blow! The Sea Salt Texture Spray and the Thickening Spray work wonders on my locks creating a symphony of bounce, texture and volume. Just you wait until you try this combo.




Want my finishing secret? Lot's and lots of dry shampoo and a mist of sea salt spray! I personally prefer the feel of a dry shampoo VS a hairspray, especially for finer hair types as it feels much lighter. The Hair Growth Dry Shampoo not only is my go-to for styling, it provides hair growth benefits from it's ingredient Rosemary Oil, which is traditionally used to increase hair growth, reduce hair loss, as well as soaking up the excess oils for a fresher scalp!


After styling, I flip my head upside down, and spritz the Hair Growth Dry Shampoo into the roots of my hair working the product in with my fingers. I then flip it back, and spray the Sea Salt Texture Spray into the ends for extra grit, texture and volume.


And there we have it, a J-Anni 90's blowout achieved on a fine-haired gal, using the best hair thickening tools in the biz!


Want some extra care and long-term hair goals? Check out the entire BondiBoost Thickening Range at Oz Hair and Beauty and all your thicker hair dreams will come true.