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How to look after blonde hair

A Guide On How To Look After Blonde Hair

While we answer a lot of questions from you guys every day about many different hair concerns, blonde hair is by far one of the biggest topics we feel like we’re dealing with. So we thought we’d put together a little guide on how to look after blonde hair.

Between the natural blondes and those trying to achieve the best bottle blonde, there are a thousand queries. Natural blonde hair can be hard to maintain because it’s often fine and many people find that it loses its natural lustre if you don’t look after it properly. And we don’t even have to explain about dyed blonde hair - it takes a long time to get your hair to the right shade and can be super hard to maintain that perfect colour - especially if you have naturally dark hair.

We thought it was best if we broke it down into steps and did a round up of our favourite products as well as bestsellers - the ones that you guys absolutely love and keep buying over and over again. Keep reading to learn more about blonde hair care.

This week, we’re also giving away a Joico Blonde Life Brightening Masque 50ml with every order when you spend over $99 on the site. 

How To Look After Blonde Hair 101

1.Get the right shampoo and conditioner - preferably purple

If you’ve read any of our other blogs, we might be starting to sound like a broken record but we do genuinely believe that all good hair starts with the right shampoo and conditioner. We always recommend a sulfate free shampoo (for all hair) just to ensure that it won’t strip your natural hair oils - this can lead to dryness, lacklustre colour and not to mention it can strip your colour as well.

When it comes to how to look after blonde hair specifically, we would definitely start with a purple shampoo. When you get your hair dyed and lightened, an undertone comes through which is often the ‘raw blonde’ colour, and to counteract this, your stylist puts a toner in to eliminate these undertones - which often appear as yellow, yellow orange or even reddish. In between salon visits, you’ll find that your hair can turn brassy again - so this is where a purple shampoo comes in as they contain violet pigments that will counteract this yellow colour. 

That being said, a purple shampoo shouldn’t replace your regular shampoo. There is such thing as too much purple - if you remove too much yellow your hair can appear a lot darker, which goes against dying your hair blonde. So if you wash your hair twice as week, only use the purple one once. For the rest of the time, we’d recommend a gentle shampoo and conditioner duo like the Davroe Moisture Senses Hydrating Shampoo and Hydrating Conditioner that nourishes dry and damaged hair.

Our customers love these purple shampoos:

These shampoos often come with a matching conditioner counterpart which has been designed to go hand in hand with them. However, there are also some great specially formulated conditioners that can help keep your blonde hair fresh too. We absolutely love the Evo Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Colour Intensifying Conditioner - a colour boosting treatment that refreshes and tones your blonde hair. It also softens and conditions your hair as well as restores moisture balance.

And don’t forget about our favourite new hair colour refresher, Goldwell’s Color Revive Conditioner range, which has four different blonde tones! 



2.Toner will be your best friend

While a good purple shampoo should do the job of removing that unwanted yellow and brassy tones,  blondes can always use a great toner in their lives. Whether this is because you prefer to use gentle non-purple shampoos or need a little extra neutralising in your life - it’s pretty crucial in how to look after blonde hair.

We’d recommend the Vitafive CPR Serious Blonde Instant Toner - and you guys seem to love it as well! Made from completely plant-derived and sustainable ingredients, this toner also adds UV protection - more on that later - and internal repair for silkier and smoother blonde hair. The Joico Blonde Life Brilliant Tone Violet Smoothing Foam is another excellent toning option that can actually be left in your hair!



3.Hair treatments will save your hair - and life

Another hot tip from us for all hair - but in this case, especially blonde hair - is a good hair treatment. As we said earlier, if you’re a natural blonde, you might find that your hair is a little finer than other hair types and can appear dull if you don’t look after it. Similar problems - to an even bigger extent - can apply to hair that has been chemically lightened too so it’s important to pick hair treatments that have active ingredients will help deep condition your hair and repair it from within.

We love Kevin Murphy Blonde.Angel Treatment which has colour enhancers to refresh and repair those nasty yellow tones. All you need to do is apply some to freshly washed hair, leave for a minute then rinse it out. 

Our customers also love these hair treatments:



4.Try a really good blonde-specific treatment

While it’s often the hardest colour to maintain, the upside of being blonde is that you have the world at your fingertips when it comes to hair care that has been specifically formulated for your hair type. How are they different to normal treatments, we hear you asking? Well, they often include the same properties behind purple or silver shampoos to get rid of any unwanted brassy tones.

In this case, we’re recommending the Joico Blonde Life Brightening Masque. We’re absolutely loving the whole range for blonde hair but this hair mask is next level. It contains Joico’s Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex that actually targets and reconstruct damaged strands plus it helps replenishes Arginine - a naturally-occurring amino acid. Plus a blend of hydrating oils helps hydrates your hair and restore vibrancy to your blonde hair. 

Then you can finish it off with Kevin Murphy’s Shimmer.Me Blonde Spray which has light reflecting particles and the same colour enhancers to get that blonde to pop.

Our customers also love these blonde treatments:



5.Heat protection will keep you blonde

So those undertones we talked about earlier - that nasty yellow colour that every blonde dreads can be caused by heat styling and sun damage. Two inevitable things we can’t avoid in life so we’d highly recommend a good heat protectant spray in our guide on how to look after blonde hair.

A good heat protecting hair product should be able to protect your hair from high heat damage as well as harmful UVA and UVB rays - which can cause dry and brittle strands and discolouration. For this, we love and highly recommend the Evo Icon Welder. By simply spraying it on dry hair before using hot tools, it can protect from UV and heat damage plus it helps with styling by providing volume, reducing frizz and helping manageability.

Our customers also love these heat protection sprays:



We hope that this guide on how to look after blonde hair will answer a lot of your questions about products to use. And we wish you nothing but silky, shiny, smooth and extra vibrant blonde hair. Shop the above products on Oz Hair & Beauty with Afterpay and shop our other favourite blonde products as well.

These product recommendations are based on the team’s experience as well as the products that you guys keep buying over and over again - so they must be working! If you still have any concerns, feel free to contact our friendly customer service team for more tips and tricks.


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Tammy Tu on August 19, 2019