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Evo Heat Protection Spray - Evo Icon Welder

This Evo heat protection spray will save your hair this Summer

It’s no secret that we love Evo hair products - they’re Australian made, sulfate and paraben-free, plus they’re vegan as well! Not to mention they actually work. Now that we’re coming into warmer weather, we’re recommending one of our favourites to help save your hair: the Evo Heat Protection Spray

You might know it best as the Evo Icon Welder and although it might sound dramatic, it can really help protect your hair. We’ve mentioned a few times now that a heat protectant spray should be a part of your hair care routine - especially if you’re like us and use hair appliances everyday.

Keep reading to learn more about one of our favourite hair care products and how it can fit into your routine.

Evo heat protection spray: 4 reasons why it’s a must-have

1. Well… it protects your hair from heat first and foremost. 

But it turns out a lot of people are unaware of what a heat protection spray actually does and whether it actually works. We’re here to tell you it does and we think a good spray should be a part of every hair routine. Like most other heat protectants, the Evo heat protection spray does the job by forming a protective barrier over the cuticle, which consequently shields it from the super high temperature you’re applying to it through heated styling tools.

2. It’s kind of a leave-in treatment, too

Like any good heat protectant should do, Icon Welder also acts like a leave-in conditioner. It moisturises your hair and adds softness and shine to give it a good starting point before you apply all that heat to it. Plus it reduces frizz and improves manageability too! That barrier that the spray creates between your hair and the heat should also lock in moisture as well.

3. It helps with styling!

One of our favourite things though about the Evo heat protection spray is that it helps with styling too. On top of protecting your hair from heat, it adds shape memory and provides medium hold and volume. So once you heat style, you don’t need to use any more styling products if you don’t want to and you’ll just be ready to go.

4. It offers UV protection

Another thing that our hair requires protection from is: the sun. Yas, you heard us right. Especially here in the harsh Australian summer. Just like our skin, hair can be damaged from those hard UVA and UVB rays. It can dry out your hair and even strip your colour. So the last thing you want is then to apply 220 degrees of heat to dry it out even further. So apart from just thermal protection, the Icon Welder also offers protection from UV rays when you spray it in. Just one less thing to think about when you use it. 

See, we told you it was a spray that will save your hair this summer!

How to use the Evo Icon Welder

The great thing about this Evo Heat Protection Spray is that it can be used on both dry and damp hair. In fact, we prefer using it on dry hair. 

So go about your business as usual; if you need to wash your hair, shampoo and conditioner it, then spray in damp hair before heat styling. 

If you have dry, ready-to-go hair - that’s okay as well, simply spray into dry hair and use that hair straightener.

Tip: we like to use it on individual sections as you go so spray some Evo Icon Welder on the section that you’re working on and keep repeating as you go.

What other Evo products can I use it with?

To get the full Evo experience, we’d recommend adding one of their shampoo and conditioner duos to the routine as well. We know you guys are absolutely loving The Therapist Hydrating Shampoo and Hydrating Conditioner. Perfect to pump your hair full of moisture and help strengthen the hair before heat styling. 

If you need an extra little oomph post heat styling - although the Evo Icon Welder should have you covered there too - try the Haze Styling Powder in your roots to get extra volume or texture.



Anyway, we could keep convincing you about why this Evo Heat Protection Spray is our go-to choice, but you can try it yourself. We’re giving away a 50ml bottle of the Evo Icon Welder with every order over $99 this week (and while stocks last).

Protection from UV AND heat damage? Sign us up already!

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Tammy Tu on October 07, 2019



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