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The new ghd Helios might just be the best hair dryer ever

It’s a big call, but it’s true - the latest addition to the ghd hair dryers lineup might have topped our best hair dryer list. But what’s so good about the ghd Helios Professional Hair Dryer we hear you asking? Well, stay tuned and we’ll get all your questions answered.

These days, truly revolutionary hair appliances are hard to come by. We know all the top brands - especially when it comes to hair straighteners - are great. But we often get the question, are expensive hair dryers worth the money? In the case of the new ghd Helios hair dryer, we think it is.

So as to why we think this is the case, let's look at the few simple features and benefits that we’re loving in this hair dryer - and that we’ll think you’ll love too.


5 reasons why the ghd Helios is the best hair dryer


1. It’s fitted with Aeroprecis™ technology

More than just the usual vague promises you find on the back of a hair appliance box, the ghd Helios is truly at the forefront of heat styling technology. This is all thanks to the unique Aeroprecis™ technology created by ghd’s leading physicists and engineers. What is this technology exactly though? Well, it starts with the longer life, brushless DC motor which creates a powerful 75mph air flow. Concentrated through internal aerodynamics, this powerful airflow will let you style with both speed and control.   

This means that your blow dry time will be cut down and you’ll get more precise styling too.

2. It’s ergonomically designed

One feature that tops both professional hair stylist’s and regular consumer’s lists for a good hair dryer is often the weight. Thank god the new ghd Helios has an optimised design which distributes the weight evenly so it makes it easier for you to handle. It’s also lighter in general than some of the other hair dryer options on the market. Say goodbye to sore styling arms.

It also has a bespoke contoured nozzle that will concentrate both the temperature and airflow distribution instead of just blowing hot air everywhere. Combined with the innovative hair drying technology we spoke about earlier, this really elevates the ghd Helios to the best hair dryers tier.

3. It has all the right power controls

This sounds like a feature that every blow dryer dryer has, but it matters because having the right heat and speed settings will allow for more precise drying or styling. 

Drying your hair after a shower will require a different power setting than styling your hair into bouncy curls. Even your hair type requires different heat controls - for example, thick hair will most likely need higher heat. The ghd Helios will cater to all of this plus it has a cool shot to finish off at the end. Don’t forget that cold air will help lock your finished style in place.

4. It’s quieter than other hair dryers

Who doesn’t want a quieter hair dryer? How many times have you had to pause your music or yell ‘what?’ over the sound of a hair dryer? Say hi to ghd’s bespoke acoustic sound system technology. This tech sounds like it belongs to a surround sound system, but it actually ensures low sound while you style - even with the super strong and concentrated air flow.

5. It actually makes your hair shinier

No, seriously it does. Compared to hair that has been left to naturally dry, hair that has been dried and styled by the ghd Helios is visibly shinier and smoother thanks to the advanced ionic technology. Ionic hair dryers emit negative ions that divide H2O molecules into smaller particles, which consequently results in it evaporating faster. Hence less frying and quicker drying time. This also means that you can say goodbye to unwanted frizz and flyaways too. 

Talk about the best hair dryer ever.



Get the look with ghd Helios

So most of us get the mechanics of blow drying our hair but we thought we’d include a little beach waves tutorial that you can use your future ghd Helios to achieve too!


Beach Waves with the ghd Helios hair dryer

Step 1: Spritz hair with ghd Heat Protect Spray to make sure your hair is protected from heat damage.

ghd Heat Protect Spray - Heat Protection

Step 2: Use the ghd Helios to dry your hair until it’s 80% dry.

ghd Helios Professional Hair Dryer to achieve beach waves

Step 3: Spray ghd Curl Spray through the lengths of your hair.

ghd Curl Spray to hold beach waves created using ghd Helios

Step 4: Take a section from ear to ear. Then starting at the back of the neck, place a ceramic brush vertically into the hair. Wrap the section around the brush away from the face and using the ghd Helios, direct the airflow away from the roots and around the brush.

ghd Helios Hair Dryer creating beach waves

Step 5: Unwind and twist the hair as you pull the brush out in the direction of the curl and repeat step 4 all throughout your hair.

ghd Helios Hair Dryer to create beach waves

Step 6: Use a paddle brush to brush through the length of your hair.

ghd Paddle brush to gently create beach waves


Yes, you do need the best hair dryer ever in your routine

We thought we’d help you out by answering that question right off the bat. With four exciting colours to choose from, you’ll have one more hard decision to make once you decide to add the best hair dryer ever to your cart. We’re personally going with the white ourselves but you do you, gal.

Shop ghd Helios, hair appliances and all the protective hair care to go with it on Oz Hair & Beauty with Afterpay and Zippay today.

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