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Muk Curl Stick V2.0 - the best hair curler

Muk’s Best Hair Curler Just Got Better

Just when you thought the best hair curler ever couldn’t get any better - it did. Muk have launched their brand new Curl Stick V2.0, proving to all the non-believers that miracles really do happen. Muk are discontinuing what we originally hailed as the best hair curlers known to the hair industry (more on this later) and replacing them with one, new and improved curling iron.

We, as usual, are here to tell you all about it, reporting on the fabulous new features and getting down into the little reasons why we’re totally obsessed.

A Farewell To Some Old Favourites

It’s time to say goodbye to two of Muk’s most iconic hair curlers. The original Curl Stick and the Curl Stick Collection. Both have served hair stylists and consumers more than well in their several years, especially with their interchangeable barrels that enable versatile styling for all hair types. Plus, having consecutively won awards for Best in Beauty for five years running, it's no surprise these hair appliances claimed the original title of best hair curlers.

Alas, Muk have decided that it was time for a change, so they’ve completely revamped these curling irons by replacing them with something even better.

The Best Just Got Better

It’s out with the old and in with the new and improved. Say hello to the Curl Stick V2.0. Combining the magic of the original Curl Stick and Curl Stick Collection - you can guarantee the Curl Stick V2.0 is definitely keeping the title of best hair curler out there.

Of course, you may be wondering how one curler can be better than two. Well, the secret lies in Muk’s ability to pack all the incredible features of the original curl stick and the curl stick collection into one styling tool, plus a few extra brand new features too.

Here are 5 reasons why the best hair curler got better:

1. Interchangeable barrel system 

As with the original and the curl stick collection, the Curl Stick V2.0 comes with the much loved interchangeable barrel system. Choose from and effortlessly change between four versatile barrels, each designed to offer a different type of curl, and complete with cool tips for safe handling.

2. More heat settings

With five convenient temperature settings, the Curl Stick V2.0 can effortlessly adapt to different hair types and textures, so you can curl your hair at the best heat setting for you.

3. Faster heating

New faster, rapid heating times mean you can get to styling in a matter of seconds. Simply turn on and select your desired heat setting.

4. Improved technology

Each barrel is finished with smooth titanium to provide a dry heat that delivers instant shine and static free curls. Plus, new microprocessor technology delivers even and consistent temperature at all times, so each curl is the same.

5. Added shine

The Curl Stick V2.0 will also give you a shine like never before. Ion Field technology seals the cuticle layer of the hair, locking in the natural oils and creating a smooth, frizz free, shiny finish in your hair.

                Styling With The Curl Stick V2.0

                Perhaps the most loved feature of the Muk Curl Stick V2.0 (and what arguably makes it the best hair curler) is the ability to switch up your curls when ever you want to. The interchangeable barrels offer a game changing styling routine, meaning you can get creative with your curls when you use this curl wand. Four barrels are much better than one - here’s what each will do for your hair:

                19-25mm Barrel

                A conical, tapered barrel, the 19-25mm styling wand is ideal for medium curls and movement. By curling right at the top of the barrel - the narrower part - you can also create tighter curls if you’re feeling those 80s perm vibes or looking to try a corkscrew curl for something different.

                25-25mm Barrel

                A slim, straight barrel that gives you soft, flowing, bouncy curls. Perfect for adding a soft curl to naturally straight hair or to smooth out curly hair. You can also use this barrel to achieve subtle waves. Simply brush out your hair after curling or run your hair straightener over your hair quickly to stretch out the wave.

                28-22mm Barrel

                The wedge barrel offers the ultimate in styling versatility. Slightly thicker than the 25-25mm, the possibilities are endless. Create soft bouncy curls by brushing out your hair after styling; use texturising styling products, such as sea salt spray to create beachy waves; or even tight curls by curling around the top of the barrel and not brushing out. Adjusting the temperature lower or higher can also determine the tightness of your curl - the hotter the barrels the tighter the curls!

                38-27mm Barrel

                If you’re after those Victoria Secret curls, then the 38-27mm is your go-to. The largest of the four, this wide oval barrel lets you create deep luscious waves and big curls. Channel your inner Hollywood star and create big, bombshell hairstyles.

                Hot Tip:

                Before styling your hair with heat, be sure to apply heat protectant first. This will protect your hair from heat damage as well as prep your hair for styling. For ultimate results, use your Curl Stick V2.0 with the Muk Hot Muk range. Designed specifically for heat protection and care before, during and after heat styling.


                One hair curler. Endless styling possibilities. It’s pretty obvious why we’re calling the Muk Curl Stick V2.0 the best hair curler out there, right? You can achieve all the curls your heart desires right here at Oz Hair & Beauty. Shop the entire Muk range online today and see how the best hair curler just got better.

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                Rebekah Chetcuti on March 22, 2022