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Girl with beautiful hair after using hair growth mask and supplements.

Best hair growth mask & supplements to reach your hair goals

Are you on a mission to achieve your hair goals? You’ve probably tried various homemade hair masks, shampoos and treatments, but are you getting the results you’re really after? Well either way, you can probably stop doing what you’re doing because we have the key to reaching your healthy hair goals. And the best part is, it actually works!

Our favourite beauty supplements brand, Beauty Boosters has teamed up with hair icon, Natalie Anne to bring you the ultimate hair growth mask and supplements combination. The Natalie Anne X Beauty Boosters Hair Goals Beauty Box  is the paramount of duos when it comes to getting revitalised, healthy, strong and longer hair.

Wanna know more? Keep reading.




So, who is Natalie Anne?

You’ve probably heard of her, but for anyone living under a rock, Natalie Anne is a national phenomenon in haircare and styling. Owner of Natalie Anne Salon and amongst the most iconic hairdressers in Sydney, Natalie has become one of the biggest hair influencers of Australia.

Her career has seen her win multiple awards as she inspires the hair world with incredibly stunning hair styles and colours, time after time. Alongside her salon, Natalie Anne has created a haircare line that she hopes will close the gap between luxury and DIY hair. Designed for everyday girls with ambitious hair goals - her products will help everyone reach salon-worthy hair right at home.

Stylists all over the world are now choosing Natalie Anne Haircare as their preferred products for runway and editorial looks - and today we’re here to give you a small taste with the Natalie Anne Enriched Hydration mask.



Natalie Anne hair growth mask

This healthy hair growth mask is a versatile, hydrating treatment designed to nourish and revitalise medium to thick hair types. The perfect companion for dull, dry hair, the Natalie Anne hair growth mask will give you instant rejuvenation - leaving you with lustrous results instantly.

Activated charcoal is the hero ingredient in this hair growth mask. Able to cleanse your scalp and hair of all impurities, charcoal allows your hair to breathe. As it deeply cleanses your tresses, your pores will unclog. In the process, your hair follicles are detoxified, which enables your hair to grow stronger and healthier.



How to use it:

We mentioned it was versatile because the Natalie Anne hair growth mask can be used in two ways.

Option 1 - As an ends treatment

Take a chestnut sized amount to pre-washed, towel dried hair (so in other words, hop in the shower to get your hair wet then jump out again). Work it into your hair from mid-lengths to ends, then wash your hair like normal.

Option 2 - As an in-shower conditioner

Use as a conditioner by applying the mask to clean, damp hair. Then...

  • If you don’t have much time, opt for an Express Treatment - do your thang for 5 minutes, then rinse out.
  • If you do have time, opt for a Deluxe Treatment - wrap it up in a towel, relax for 15-20 mins and rinse out.



Glow Getters beauty supplements

We’ve recently given you the rundown on these incredible beauty supplements for glowing skin, but in order to reach your hair goals you’ll only need one of the three: Beauty Boosters Glow Getters.

This one is a 3-in-1 supplement designed to promote the health of your skin, nails and most importantly, your hair. Its key ingredients include biotin, zinc, vitamin B5 and riboflavin - four vitamins and minerals that promote hair growth and support the regeneration of hair loss and breakage.



The ultimate duo

What do Natalie Anne’s hair growth mask and rejuvenating hair supplements equal? Hair goals, duh! We guarantee this power couple will become your holy grail for haircare. You can buy the incredible Natalie Anne X Beauty Boosters Hair Goals Beauty Box right here, right now at Oz Hair & Beauty. So what are you waiting for? Beautiful, glowing and strong hair awaits.

Oh and BTW, Rapunzel called - she wants her hair back!



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posted by

Rebekah Chetcuti on February 10, 2020