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A woman applying perfume who knows how to make perfume last longer

Do you want to know how to make perfume last longer?

“Wow, you smell incredible!”

Isn’t that just the ultimate compliment? Don’t even get us started on when it comes from a complete stranger! Knowing that those few spritz of perfume from the early hours of the morning are still being appreciated hours later - it makes you feel amazing!

Why? Well firstly, people know you’re clean; secondly, it makes the price tag worth it; and finally, it gives you a feeling of confidence like nothing else.

But, what if we told you that you’ve been applying it wrong all this time and that we know how to make perfume last longer? What if there were the potential for more compliments and more confidence because the scent simply lasts long enough to take you from day to night?

You’re probably thinking that you apply your perfume fine and that making it last all day long is impossible, but we happen to know how to make perfume last longer with a few easy tips and tricks. Keep reading, we know you’re interested.

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8 tips on how to make perfume last longer

“How to make perfume last longer” is an age-old question. While some of us have given up hope that an answer to this exists, there are still others scouring the internet day after day - to you congratulations, the answer is right here in this blog! Here are our top fragrance hacks on how to make perfume last longer.

1. Never rub

It’s something we are all guilty of. A couple spritz on our wrists and then off we go pressing them together - rubbing all the top notes away! That’s right, rubbing your wrists together is a big no no for anyone wanting to know how to make perfume last longer.

The act of rubbing your freshly applied perfume bursts all the tiny little bubbles that carry the top notes in our fragrance. By doing so, your fragrance fails to absorb properly into your skin, causing it to disappear fast.

So, from now on spray and walk away!

2. Stick to the diagram (pulse points)

Another commonly asked fragrance question is: where do I apply perfume? The short answer - your pulse points. Your pulse points are where  your arteries are closest to the surface of your skin. In other words, wherever you can feel your pulse.

These include:

  • On your wrists
  • On your neck
  • Behind your ears
  • On the fold of your elbow
  • Behind your knees
  • For the ladies, on your cleavage

The reason these areas relate to ‘how to make perfume last longer’, is because pulse points are warm points. The heat coming from your arteries doing their work, helps your fragrance to smell louder on your skin.

Alternatively, be like Coco Chanel and spray where you want to be kissed!

3. Have you done your hair?

While we are sure your hair looks fabulous (after using our incredible haircare products of course) we aren’t talking about your hair style. You see, like your pressure points, your hair actually holds fragrance - longer than your skin even.

When you’re applying your perfume next, don’t be afraid to add a spray or two on your hair. Do be light with your application though, as the alcohol in fragrances can dry out your hair. A good tip is to apply to your hair brush before brushing to minimise the direct contact of the alcohol.

Are you ready to take your hair flip to a new level?

4. Moisturise

Another tip for knowing how to make perfume last longer is applying it right after you moisturise your skin. Dry skin doesn’t allow the fragrance to absorb well, causing it to fade away sooner. Moisturised skin, however, holds the scent better.

We recommend using unscented moisturiser or a lotion which has the same scent as your perfume. You can even create your own scented moisturiser by adding a few drops of your perfume to an unscented moisturiser. Simply moisturise then apply the perfume to your skin and you’re set.

Who knew skincare could smell so good.

5. Pass the Vaseline please

It’s one of the oldest household essentials and most of the time we have no idea why we even have it - but we always do! Well it’s time to put your petroleum jelly to good use. Before you spritz your perfume (on your pulse points), apply a small amount of Vaseline onto your skin. This will make your skin slightly oily, which will hold the fragrance better and make it last longer.

Mum, where’s the Vaseline?

6. Don’t de-odour with deodorant

When it comes to smelling good, there are two components: perfume and antiperspirant (well three if you include showering). However, don’t let your deodorant take away from your perfume. Choose neutral scented deodorants and make sure you always apply it before your perfume.

Nobody wants to smell like deodorant.

7. Storage is important too

Another tip on how to make perfume last longer is storing it in the right place. Slightly different to our previous hacks, this one is all about what to do when you aren’t wearing perfume.

It’s important to store your fragrance in a cool dark place, where the temperature will remain consistent and out of light. Rapid heat changes and sunlight will damage the structure of your fragrance, causing it to lose its quality.

So the bathroom is a no go zone.

8. Less is more

While we all love being told that we smell good, we don’t love when people get headaches as a result of our overpowering scent. Or worse, getting a headache ourselves and developing a bad relationship with your favourite perfume.

To avoid such horrible occurrences, wear your perfume subtly. But, how do you wear perfume subtly? The secret is 1-2 sprays. Really, that is all you need. If you follow the hacks mentioned above those couple of sprays are all you need.

Trust us.


Can you see why you’ve been applying your perfume wrong? Well now that you know how to make perfume last longer, we hope you will wear it with even more confidence and keep the compliments rolling all day long!

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Rebekah Chetcuti on February 26, 2020