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how to get clearer skin with an Alya skin care routine

Three steps to clearer skin with our Alya Skin Care Routine

You know those pink clay masks you keep seeing on the ‘gram? Well, it turns out they actually do wonders for your skin. At least, the one by Alya Skin does.

We’ve had the Australian Pink Clay Mask on the website for a while now, and you guys have been loving it. The little miracle worker is filled with all the good stuff like kaolin clay, bentonite, witch hazel and lactic acid among other ingredients that act to detoxify your skin. It extracts all those pollutants that can cause irritation and the result is clearer skin with less redness. So, it’s pretty exciting that this homegrown brand has introduced another two skincare products to the line-up - creating the ultimate Alya Skin care routine.

The new products have been designed to go hand-in-hand with the pink clay mask, promising just three steps to clear skin. So, we thought we’d break each product down for you, explain some of the benefits and reveal how you can treat yourself to the perfect Alya Skin care routine.


Say hello to clear skin with this Alya Skin care routine

Step 1 - Alya Skin Pomegranate Facial Exfoliator

So we all know that an exfoliator can make your skincare routine so much better. But we're not talking about the face scrub with the rough beads that can irritate your skin and also do damage to the environment. We’re talking about Alya Skin’s Pomegranate Exfoliator Facial Scrub, which uses pomegranate seed powder to buff away the dead skin instead. The ingredient lineup also features rich fatty oils like coconut, sweet almond and macadamia seed oil - so your skin will be super hydrated after.

And like the rest of the products in the Alya Skin care routine, it’s vegan and cruelty-free, so there aren’t any nasty ingredients that can cause flare-ups either, meaning it's safe for sensitive skin. This face scrub works to remove impurities and reduce skin inflammation, even helping with eczema and acne issues.

How to use:

After you’ve finished with your daily facial cleanser - we love the Pixi Double Cleanse - simply apply a thin layer of the exfoliator to your t-zone (forehead, nose) and other problem areas such as the chin. Then rub gently in circular motions, and rinse with warm water as you would with your facial cleanser.


Step 2 - Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask

We know many of you already love the Alya Skin Australian Pink Clay Mask but it never hurts to talk about it again, especially when it achieves such good results. We mentioned a few of the benefits earlier but this clay mask seriously does make a difference to your skin - especially when used with the other products from the Alya Skin care routine. Contrary to popular belief, clay masks aren’t just great for those with oily skin - it can be used across all skin types.

Yes, even sensitive skin - because it only features natural ingredients that won’t leave you with breakouts. It even helps with breakouts because it extracts pollutants and nasties from your skin, plus it tightens pores and makes your skin feel beautiful. You only really need to look at the Alya Skin before and after results to see why everyone absolutely loves this clay mask.

How to use:

Similar to the exfoliator, apply a layer of the clay mask to your t-zone and problem areas. Leave it for 10 minutes - perfect to do while you’re watching your guilty pleasure reality tv show - then remove it gently with warm water.

How often should I use a pink clay mask?

You should be using it 2-3 times a week!



Step 3 - Alya Skin Australian Native Berries Moisturiser

After you’ve exfoliated away the dead skin and drawn all the pollutants out, your skin should already be feeling pretty soft. But the cherry on top of the Alya Skin care routine is the Australian Native Berries Moisturiser. It has a bioactive complex of three Australian super berries - pepperberry, riberry and muntries - that will help repair the skin from within.

Vitamin C also makes an appearance to help with the anti-ageing side of things, as well as visibly brighten your skin. And finally, it is also packed full of sweet almond oil, macadamia seed oil and shea butter to combat dry skin and leave it feeling hydrated and silky smooth. What’s not to love about this Alya Skin care product?

How to use:

We’re sure you know how to apply moisturiser but just in case, apply a thin layer to your skin and rub it in. Use it daily for the best results and ALWAYS use it after the pink clay mask to let your skin drink up the goodness.



Alya Skin - Australian made, zero nasties, animal friendly PLUS silky soft skin - what more do you need to convince you to try these new goodies? Oh, maybe that all the products in the Alya Skin care routine smell amazing?! Shop Alya Skin in Oz Hair & Beauty's collection of skincare with Afterpay or Zippay today. If you need even more convincing, why not check out the Alya skin results from the routine!

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People also ask:

Should you double cleanse?

Do you wear makeup or sunscreen every day? If yes, then you need to double cleanse! Double cleansing can help to remove all the dirt, oil and leftover makeup/sunscreen from your face - it’ll also help with congested pores and breakouts.

How to recognise dehydrated skin

Don’t be fooled, dry skin and dehydrated are actually two different things. Dry skin is when your skin lacks oil, whereas dehydrated skin lacks water and is caused by external factors such as weather, caffeine, diet etc. Dehydrated skin will feel tight, look dull in the mirror, and you may notice more exaggerated wrinkles. To test it, simply pinch your cheek! If it wrinkles instead of holding its shape, it’s dehydrated.

What is a good skincare routine?

A good skincare routine has three basic things: a cleanser, an exfoliator and a moisturiser. On top of this, you can have toners and serums that help to target your specific skin concerns such as acne, ageing or sensitivity.


posted by

Tammy Tu on April 14, 2019