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A Guide to Vitamin C for Skin & Why It’s So Good

We don’t know about you but we’ve really been trying to step up our skincare routines - it’s like the ultimate form of self care. It can be overwhelming though, wanting to try everything and trying to add yet another step to what might already be a packed line up. But if there’s one thing you should add to your routine this year, it’s vitamin C. Yep, vitamin C for skin. And we’ll tell you why.

It’s packed - like, seriously packed - with benefits and combats problems such as pigmentation, fine lines, acne scars and just general dullness. But what exactly are products like vitamin C serum and how do they work? We thought we’d take a closer look at vitamin C for skin and how it’s actually going to work for your skin. 

What are the benefits of vitamin C for skin?

1. It protects from free radicals

Free radicals are highly reactive molecules that come from things like UV rays and air pollution. They can make your skin appear dull and turn into long term damage. Luckily, vitamin C for skin can help with that. The first thing to know about vitamin C is that it’s a very powerful antioxidant in all its forms. In the same way that antioxidant-rich foods help nourish and repair your body, applying a topical antioxidant - like vitamin C - to your skin can help fight aggressive free radicals too. You’ll be seeing brighter, clearer skin in no time.

2. It helps prevent UV damage

We’re telling you this based on the assumption that you already have a good suncare product in your life. If you don’t then you’ll have to add a sunscreen AND vitamin C to your skincare lineup. Sunscreen and vitamin C are like a dynamic duo when it comes to protecting your skin from harmful UV rays, which can lead to premature aging and dark spots. The addition of vitamin C will help boost the efficacy of your SPF and in return, the sunscreen can help lessen the oxidation of your vitamin C serum as well.

3. It can prevent and heal pigmentation

Vitamin C actually has a property that inhibits your skin’s melanin production - this is what causes those dark spots and hyperpigmentation. So if you are consistent with your use of vitamin C for skin, you’ll be able to prevent them from forming in the first place!

4. It can help heal the skin

Because vitamin C serum is so acidic, it triggers the skin to heal itself when applied topically by accelerating the production of collagen and elastin. So for those who have light scarring from skin conditions like acne, vitamin C can be a godsend too - with consistent use, of course.



Is Vitamin C good for all skin types?

Like a lot of potent skin care products, you will probably have to build up a tolerance to vitamin C. This is especially true if you’re using ascorbic acid - the most stable and effective form of vitamin C. 

Vitamin C products can range from 5% to the highest stable amount of 15%. So if you’re not used to active ingredients or even if you’re new to just vitamin C itself, we’d recommend starting with a lower level one a few times per week to see how your skin reacts before dialing it up. Especially if you have sensitive skin

Biologi: A natural source of vitamin C serum for skin

It would be silly of us if we didn’t introduce you to our favourite vitamin C products in a blog about vitamin C! We’ve talked about homegrown brand, Biologi and their range of skin serums before, and why we love having it as a part of our routines so much. If you missed that blog, the low down is that all the Biologi products are created using a unique extraction process that allows them to create pure plant serums that are 100% active. So that means real results for your skin!

Vitamin C makes an appearance in the Morning Radiance Serum of their Bqk Radiance Face Serum Set. It’s a pure extract of the kakadu plum - a native Australian fruit that has the highest recorded levels of natural vitamin C in the world. It’s also aided by gallic and ellagic acids - both are phenolic acids that naturally occur in the native Australian fruit and help with sunspots, free radicals and fine lines too.

It also comes with an Evening Radiance Serum which is a pure extract of quandong. This fruit contains amino acids like tryptophan that protects the skin from UV damage and builds protein that will help retain moisture and strengthen skin cells. It also contains ferulic acid, which you’ll often find with other vitamin C products because it hydrates and protects against free radicals.

Back this up with the Bk Rejuvenation Eye Serum, another little miracle worker packed with kakadu plum - and vitamin c - to help with the fine lines that can often appear under and around the eyes.

And if you want something for your whole body, you won’t be able to go past the cult favourite Bf Hydration Body Serum. Containing 100% finger lime, it’s filled with gentle fruit acids and vitamin C to hydrate, soothe and repair the skin. It’s a fan favourite for those who suffer from eczema and skin irritation.

If you want that double dose of vitamin C, then you'll be glad to know we've got a special pack where you can get the Bf Body Serum and Bk Eye Serum for a great price. Talk about the perfect pair!



When and how to use vitamin C for skin

You’ll find that most vitamin C serums will tell you that it can be used day or night, and this is true in the case of the Biologi Bqk set. But because of the benefits that it has in conjunction with sunscreen, we’d recommend using vitamin C serum in the morning if you’re just using one product. This is especially important if you use other actives like retinol or a chemical exfoliant at night - they can cancel each other out. And as we mentioned earlier, vitamin C for skin alone is also quite potent so you don’t want to overdo it.

So go ahead and clean your face in the morning, apply your vitamin C serum on clean, dry skin then put sunscreen on top of it. 

Get glowing skin with Vitamin C today

Now you know all there is to know about vitamin C for skin, it’s time to add one to your lineup. Shop the vitamin C serum from the Biologi range, check out other vitamin C products and snap up goodies for all types of skin care concerns on Oz Hair & Beauty with Afterpay and Zippay today.

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