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The biologi lip serum for dry lips

Biologi’s lip serum for dry lips is your new holy grail

If you’re anything like us, you probably have a million lip balms stashed away in your car, handbag and at work - they’re honestly like bobby pins. And then when summer and winter time comes? You find yourself reaching for them more and more to give your dry chapped lips some relief. But while lip balms make your lips feel glossy and plump, they only really sit on the surface of your lips.

So this year, instead of lip balms, opt for a lip serum for dry lips instead - and more specifically, Biologi’s newest BL Nourish Lip Serum.

If you want to keep your lips kissable and hydrated, keep reading to learn more!


Firstly, what is a lip serum?

Lip serums are specifically formulated to go deeper than your everyday lip balm - they actually hydrate your lips from the inside out.

Similar to face serums, lip serums have smaller molecules, which enables them to deliver high concentrations of active ingredients deep into your skin. They are also super lightweight and have a thin consistency.

Move over lip balms, the best lip serum for dry lips is here

We’ve spoken about Biologi before and why they’ve got the best skin serum range ever, so you can bet we’re pretty excited to talk about their latest and greatest serum: the BL Nourish Lip Serum for dry lips.

This lip serum is formulated using a single-plant extract of native Australian Blood Red Finger Lime. Which means it’s packed with 100% active natural phytonutrients that work to soothe your lips and make them feel more supple than ever before.

Is the blood red finger lime in the BL lip serum the same as the Bf hydration serum?

No, not quite! The Bf Hydration Serum contains Finger Lime, whereas the lip serum is an extract of Blood Red Finger Lime.

Why choose this lip serum for dry lips?

Unlike your typical lip balm or moisturiser, this serum for dry lips doesn’t just sit on the top of your lips. It penetrates deep deep down into the skin to give your lips a major hydration boost. It also prevents transepidermal water loss so that your lips stay hydrated all day long.

It also:

  • Has antioxidant protection
  • Gives your lips a fabulous clear shine (no tint!)
  • Can be applied to irritated, burnt or chapped lips (and will actually speed up the healing process)
  • Is free from synthetic ingredients (so it’s safe to ingest)
  • Has a naturally sweet taste
  • Doesn’t leave a heavy residue on the lips
  • Gives you lots of hydration (or did we mention that already?)

How to use the lip serum

You can use Biologi’s lip serum for dry lips either during the day or at night!

To apply the lip serum, simply:

  • Twist the bottom of the dispenser to push the serum out
  • Apply to dry lips before sunscreen and makeup
  • Apply throughout the day as needed
  • Don’t use it with your regular lip balm, the lip serum is all you need!

How can I hydrate my lips overnight?

Apply this lip serum for dry lips before bed as a soothing and moisturising overnight conditioning treatment. As you sleep, all the wonderful natural ingredients dive deep into the cells on your lips and repair your lips!



Biologi’s lip treatment leaves your lips feeling smooth, hydrated and plump! And good news, you can get it at Oz Hair & Beauty with Afterpay or Zippay! Shop online today for gorgeous lips everyday, all day.

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Caitlin Whan on March 02, 2020


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