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A glam makeup look featuring floating eyeliner using Make-Up Studio Amsterdam products.

3 extra glam makeup looks to embrace your unique style

Glam makeup looks. They’re bold and beautiful, but more importantly, they give us the opportunity to express ourselves and be as experimental as our hearts desires. We are lucky to be living in a time where art, tolerance and diversity are celebrated. Where being different is nothing to be ashamed of, but rather something to embrace. 

This is the ethos behind professional makeup brand, Make-Up Studio Amsterdam. With a mission to help everyone embrace their differences, this brand has given a new face to glam makeup looks and we are here to tell you why. 



Make-Up Studio Amsterdam’s Story

Make-Up Studio was born in the1980’s. A time when Amsterdam, the city of art, tolerance and diversity was thriving. Its founder was professional makeup artist, Wil van het Hek. An expert in theatre and art cosmetics, van het Hek realised his passion for makeup was larger than backstage and that he could apply his knowledge in the wider cosmetic business.

With this, he became one of the first make-up artists in the world, training other professionals. He was determined to work with the highest quality products, but the current market did not suffice, and so he created his very own makeup line. He created the first matte eyeshadow with deep pigmentation that could also be applied wet, and to this day his brand, Make-Up Studio Amsterdam is a staple for makeup artists and schools.  

With a background in theatrics and art, embracing diversity has been the driving force behind Make-Up Studio Amsterdam from day one. And, with products that offer high quality, deep pigment, full coverage and bold colour, expressing your unique style is effortless.

3 glam makeup looks (that are a little bit different)

Look 1: Floating liner

It may look simple at first glance, but this glam makeup look is anything but average. You want a flawless matte base with blushing cheekbones, a glossy nude lip and barely there eyeshadow. Literally a light dust over your eyelids with the Bronzing Powder Lumiere is all you need. What makes this glam makeup look, is the eyeliner.

This floating liner look is artistic and sultry, with bold inner corners and an outlined wing, complete with a pop of colour on your lower lash line. Yeah, it’s simple to achieve, but the effect is bold and eye catching. Perfect for the bar scene, create this floating wing using the Precise Eyeliner Extra Black and add your pop of colour with the Eyeshadow Lumiere in the shade Aquamarine (or one of the other 9 shades of your choice).



Look 2: Bold and beautiful

Our next glam makeup look is one for your upcoming formal event. Think red dress and stilettos vibe. Plus the bold, dark red lip is perfect for the cooler weather that is right around the corner. To achieve this glam makeup look, start with a matte base using the Foundation Fluid Make-Up No Transfer and set with the Compact Mineral Powder. To add some colour while keeping that matte finish all over, take the Compact Earth Powder to frame your hairline, jawline and cheekbones.

The eye look is mostly matte aside from an illuminated inner corner. Use the brown, beige, and purple shades of the Compact Eyeshadows to create a smoked out effect. Then take the Lumiere Highlighting Powder Sugar Rose to accentuate your inner corners. Also lightly dust this on your highpoints to add a subtle glow. Finally you want a bold dark lip. The Make-Up Studio Amsterdam Lipstick in shade No. 4 is perfect for this glam makeup look.



Look 3: Glowing goddess

Our final glam makeup look is all about that dewy glow. To achieve this, we suggest mixing your foundation with some of the Shimmer Effect liquid highlighter - this will give your base a gorgeous dewy look. Next, contour your face with the Bronzing Powder Lumiere around your hairline, jawline and hollows of your cheekbones. Then highlight with the Shimmer Effect again on the highpoints of your face; on top of the cheekbones, tip of the nose, cupids bow, chin, inner corners - everywhere! The dewier the better for this glam makeup look.

The eyes are quite sultry and very similar to Look 2, only we want to add some shimmer so add some of the Eyeshadow Lumiere in the shade Crystal Brunette over your eyelids. On the lips you want a glossy nude which you can achieve with the Lipgloss Supershine, and finish off by adding some extra shimmering warmth with the Blusher Lumiere. You might be thinking, “wow thats a lot of glow for one face” but gurl, that’s what makes this glowing glam makeup look a little bit different 💁‍♀️



So, which one is your favourite? We are probably gonna try them all. On repeat. And with such amazing products to try, we’re pretty excited to experiment and get creative with our own uniquely glam makeup looks (using the Make-Up Studio Insta for extra inspo). 

If you’re in the same boat, then get shopping! You can find all the Make-Up Studio Amsterdam products we mentioned, plus more online at Oz Hair & Beauty today.

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