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3 professional makeup brushes for professional makeup looks.

Professional Makeup Brushes For Professional Makeup Looks

Makeup brushes. They’re a staple in any makeup routine. Without them, we’re in for a pretty difficult time when it comes to applying our eyeshadow, bronzer, foundation, blush… you get it. The fact is, when it comes to makeup application, technique is one thing, but what really takes you from an amateur to a pro, are the brushes you’re using.

Quality brushes allow you to properly execute your technique, but more importantly, using the right brush for the right step in your makeup routine will ensure your look truly shines.

Today we are going to talk about Crown Brushes - the professional makeup brushes that will help you achieve professional makeup looks. Whether you’re a novice in the makeup realm, have dabbled in the art here and there or are on your way to expert level - this blog will help you decipher which brush to use for what, how to use it and why Crown Brushes are essential in your makeup bag.



A Quick Rundown On Crown Brushes

We have a lot to get through, so here is all you need to know about Crown Brush Australia.

They’re leaders in the professional makeup industry with over 30 years of brush making experience. They offer the largest range of professional makeup brushes and serve a world-wide market.

In addition to this, they consistently work with high profile makeup artists to educate the beauty industry and help everyone reach their full makeup potential. They are pretty much defining the future of makeup and we love them.

16 Professional Makeup Brushes & How To Use Them

So when it comes to professional makeup brushes, we can generally divide them into two categories: the ones we use on our face, and the ones we use on our eyes.

Face Brushes

SS001 – Syntho Series Deluxe Large Foundation

Defined by its flat base and large oval shape, use this professional makeup brush for liquid base makeup (foundation), BB cream or cream highlighter. The gentle synthetic hairs make this face brush ideal for smooth blending, without losing out on coverage.

SS004 – Syntho Series Deluxe Concealer

Being oval, flat and slightly tapered makes this the perfect concealer brush. Achieve precise spot application and a perfect finish that completely covers blemishes or pigmentation.

SS014 – Syntho Series Deluxe Flat Bronzer

Use this buffing brush to blend in powders, apply bronzer and contour. The flat top and dense bristles offer total control and a full coverage application for powders around the jawline or under the cheekbones.



SS032 – Syntho Pointed Blender

The pointed, flat shape of this professional makeup brush makes it ideal for precise blending. Use it to apply and blend out your highlighter on the high points of your face, or to set powder in hard to reach places like the corners of your nose or undereye area.

C522 – Pro Highlight Contour

Make your cheekbones pop with this highlighting and blush brush. Designed to glide against the high points of your face and disperse colour where the sun naturally hits your face, you will achieve natural looking application when using this highlighter brush. The shape also make this brush great for contouring, seamlessly blending powders in the hollows of your cheeks.

C530 – Pro Detail Powder/Contour

Smaller in size, this powder brush is great for packing powder into those hard to reach places like your under eye areas or the corners of your nose. Its tapered shape offers total control over product placement and seamless blending - making it another great contour brush.

C532 – Pro Angled Contour

This multipurpose professional makeup brush is great for foundation, cream and contour products. Soft, dense bristles mean you can use this brush to achieve medium to full coverage in the hollows of your cheeks and around the periphery of your face.

C439 – Rounded Deluxe Buffer

Designed for flawless make-up application and high definition work. This brush is uniquely designed to apply a combination of powder, cream and liquid products without absorbing them into the bristles, leaving you with a full coverage, flawless finish.

C451 – Infinity Small Round Buffer

This one does pretty much the same thing as the C439, only it is smaller in size, therefore offering some more precision in application.



Eyes Brushes

SS011 – Syntho Series Deluxe Oval Shadow

As a large soft eyeshadow brush with rounded bristles, you can use this professional makeup brush to apply shadow all over your eyelids up to your brow bone with ease (and without losing pigment).

SS021 – Deluxe Crease Buffer

This uniquely shaped professional makeup brush has soft, synthetic bristles to provide sheer, controlled application. Ideal for blending in the crease or fixing up small mistakes.

C510 – Pro Oval Shader

Defined by its dense flat head, this brush is designed for direct eyeshadow placement on the eyelid, offering medium to full coverage - great for more elaborate looks. The stiff shape also makes this brush ideal for cleaning up and highlighting the under brow area, or to apply your eyebrow makeup.



C511 - Pro Blending Fluff

This brush is designed to pack shadow onto the lid as well as blend it out for a natural and seamless finish. The tapered, flat shape enables precise placement for hard to reach spots on the eyelid area with medium to full coverage.

C512 – Pro Sculpting Crease

This professional makeup brush is the perfect blending brush. Effortlessly smoke out your crease area and disperse the shadow evenly along your eyelid for a dramatic, intense finish.

C528 – Pro Crease Detail

Small and compact in size, this crease brush is designed for adding detail to eye looks. Define your smokey effect or achieve extra intensity and depth in your colour. The pointed, soft bristles also make this a great brush for blending out the lower lash line.

C529 – Pro Jumbo Blending Crease

This last one is predominantly an eye brush but also great for applying highlighter to the high points on your face like cheekbones, bridge of the nose and brow bone. For the eyes, this professional makeup brush is designed to fit directly in the crease to quickly and seamlessly blend out large areas of the eye. It's a great brush for all over eye application and one-shadow-looks.



So, are you ready to tackle your next makeup look with absolute confidence? Use these professional makeup brushes from Crown Brush Australia and we guarantee you will look and feel like a pro. You can find all the professional makeup brushes we mentioned today right here at Oz Hair & Beauty, as well as brush sets with more smaller brushes to apply eyebrow makeup and spot precision.

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Rebekah Chetcuti on December 17, 2019