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Define and enhance the features on your face with our incredible range of contour kits. Choose from our extensive range of contour products for all skin tones.

Whether you’re after powder, cream or even a contour stick, we have all the makeup products you need to define and highlight your natural features. 

How do you contour?

  1. Use the darker contouring shades of your contour kit to define your face. Apply the product along your hairline, jawline, the sides of your nose, and in the hollows of your cheeks. 
  2. Take the lighter shades of your contour kit to highlight and accentuate the highpoints on your face. Be sure your highlighter or concealer is a few shades lighter than your natural skin tone. Apply anywhere that the light naturally catches - this might include under your eyes, across your T-zone, down the bridge of your nose, cupid’s bow and under the brow bones. 
  3. Blend away! Now you have sculpted your face, use one of our amazing make up brushes to blend in the product. Ensure you keep the darker and lighter shades in the areas you originally placed them, but be sure to blend out all the harsh lines with our contour make up brushes. 
It is a process we know, but practice makes perfect! And we have all the tools you need to make you a contour and highlight pro. Shop our full face makeup range online today for all the contour kits and contour sticks you need.