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Our Gym Bags Have These Beauty Products In Them

Hitting the gym is pretty much an essential component of a healthy modern lifestyle. It releases endorphins, strengthens the body, burns off some calories and generally helps tone up. Not to mention it can be an integral part of your social life. 
When you head out for a workout, do you give much thought to what goes into your gym bag? Sure, you bring your workout clothes and your headphones to zone out while you work up a sweat. But what about other essential items to help maximise your gains? And have you considered some things that will help you get back to looking your best after getting your sweat on at the gym? 
Among the most common questions from women who go to the gym are such things as what products can help improve my endurance and boost my recovery, and how can I balance sweating at the gym and keeping up an effective hair care routine? A study from 2014 showed that as many as 45% of African American women avoid exercise because they are concerned about their hair, and this extends to many men and women around the world. 
In fact, our very own Oz Hair & Beauty survey on Australian women showed that a number of those surveyed wanted to learn more about managing their haircare alongside going to the gym. These women also feel that working out every day means they feel they need to wash every day. We get it, the sweat from working out can make your hair feel a little greasy but does that actually mean you need to wash your hair daily? Simply put, the answer is no. 
We’re going to take a delve into our teams’ gym bags where you’ll find beauty products that’ll dry up that sweat, and take you from post workout to pre drinks with just one quick visit to the change room. So, if you've ever found yourself rushing around in attempt to sprouse yourself up after working up a sweat, this one’s for you.  

Products for a speedy makeover in the gym changing rooms  


While exercise can be fantastic for stimulating your body's natural processes for healthy hair and skin, the sweat you work up in the gym can be a problem. Pores get clogged up, including on your scalp, and your hair can become a sweaty mess. You then feel compelled to shower and wash your hair more frequently, and the products you use can be harmful if applied too often. 
Don't worry, there is another way to care for your hair and skin after a workout. After years of trial and error, our team knows which products they’re relying on for a quick makeover. Convenient, yet effective is the best way to describe our beauty gym bag essentials. So what exactly are these products? Let’s take a look... 


1. Get some of our Nak Dry Shampoo for your gym bag. After your workout, head into the changing room and apply some of the product. It will absorb oils and cleanse and refresh your hair without the need for water or soap. It will also add volume and texture that enables you to style your hair more effectively. Pro tip: if your hair’s still looking too limp for your liking, work through the roots with a teasing comb like the Natalie Anne Volumising Comb to amp up the volume.   
2. The other hair essential for your gym bag is the ghd Unplugged Cordless Hair Straightener. It is so easy to take and use on the go for versatile styling - you can create straight locks, textured waves or bouncy curls to look your best as you leave the gym. The tool charges via USB and the battery is full within 2 hours so you can always have it ready to use when you need it. Pro tip: plug the ghd Unplugged into your laptop at work for a battery top up before you head to the gym and you’ll never be disappointed!    


Sweaty skin, left uncleansed, can become greasy with blocked pores, so the window immediately after a workout is an excellent opportunity for some quick skincare.  
1. Cleanse with Dermalogica Breakout Clearing Foaming Wash to wash away dead skin cells and eliminate the sweat and oils that would otherwise clog your pores. Pro top: go in with micellar water before you cleanse. You can find travel sized bottles in our Mini’s section, perfect for your gym bag. Our fave has to be the Bioderma Sensibio H2O.  
2. Next, elevate your base with Avène Day Protector Tinted BB Cream. This superb moisturiser contains mineral pigments and brightening pearls that will cover flaws and give you a seamless complexion. It also boasts long-lasting hydration and SPF 30 to help keep your skin healthy as you go about the rest of your day. Pro tip: give yourself an extra umph with the MCoBeauty XtendLash and your favourite lipstick. Or if you’re heading out, you can just apply these in the Uber if you’re in a great rush.  
Many young, active women are conscious of their hair and beauty. Exercising can feel counter-productive alongside looking after your hair and skin, but there are solutions. With the help of the products listed above, you will be able to walk out of the gym looking your best without having to keep washing your hair more than you would like to! 

The bottom line  

Gym bag essentials are about more than just a change of clothes and a bottle of water. Get yourself the very best products for maximising your gains and maintaining your hair and beauty goals. The solutions in this guide will go a long way toward helping you eliminate some of the challenges of a busy lifestyle, simply by packing your gym bag correctly. 
Oz Hair & Beauty are here for women who want to look and feel their best every day. You're already putting in the hard work, so let our products help you get the most out of your efforts! Shop gym bag essentials at Oz Hair & Beauty today and start making your life a little bit easier.