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Our Winter Saviours; including a $23 moisturiser Victoria Beckham swears by!

Dry skin and brittle hair? We don’t know her 🙅‍♀️  As soon as autumn arrives, winter follows and it seems all hell breaks loose. It can lead our skin, hair and nails into fail mode and they need all the support they can get. So we have put together a guide on how you can avoid those winter beauty dilemmas, and make those dark mornings and chilly toes a little more bearable! 

Switch up your hair game 

Even though there’s nothing better than having a steaming hot shower in the winter, this can cause havoc on your skin and scalp. The contrasting cold weather and the warm indoor heating can strip your moisture levels in your hair and skin, leaving you with dry and brittle hair prone to breakage, and an itchy dandruff-central scalp. Try to have less ‘hair washing showers, but when do, introduce a scalp massage that’ll instantly boost circulation to keep the scalp healthy and encourage hair growth. The A’kin Purifying Scalp Revival Scrub, is enriched with Jojoba and Australian Avocado Oils, along with soothing Aloe Vera, that’ll help support the health of your hair and scalp whilst keeping it hydrated and nourished. It’s an all-rounder if you ask me and a win for your shelfies.  



If you’re worried about less washing, do not fear because the world’s first dry shampoo that targets the root cause of dandruff is here! The Philip Kingsley Flaky/Itchy Scalp Dry Shampoo absorbs excess oil and sebum, along with refreshing and soothing your scalp. But wait, the best bit yet? It adds added volume and texture to your mane for optimum styling results! 


If you’re worried about how brittle and damaged your hair may be, due to the cold and harsh weather on those winter walks, try putting your hair either in a sleek Bella Hadid inspired bun, slicked back using your fave nourishing hair mask. You can even do this on dirty hair if you don’t have time to wash it! Our cult-fave Olaplex No.3 is the one for us when doing so, as you can leave your mane like this all day whilst still looking cute-AF. 


Hydration, hydration, hydration / Layer that hydration  


In the famous words of global skincare guru Caroline Hirons, you should ‘Treat your skincare like you do your clothing, layer your skincare. You need a skincare ‘wardrobe’ at this time of the year more than any other.’ And in fact, she is right. Now is the best time to layer up that hydration so go to bed feeling balmy from head to toe wearing your best skindrobe, and wake up feeling plumped and hydrated! Cleanse, tone (use an acid or a hydrating mist), a hydrating serum, then your moisturiser. Your skin is more prone to absorbing more due to extreme dryness and dehydration, see where that takes you. And if you feel that you need more (I mean I always need more), then introduce an oil into your routine.  


Oils are your best friend

For some (and if you’re like me), it makes you want to run for the hills especially those with problematic or oily skin types. The thought of putting on oil instantly makes you squirm at the thought of another potential breakout. However, the Dr. Roebuck's Facial Oil is the most divine facial oil I've ever tried and perfect for all skin types - including sensitive! When my skin needs to get back into the glow game, it’s magic ingredient Blue Rainforest Oil, native to Australian rainforests, lightweight face oil revitalises skin, calms inflammation, restores hydration levels AND boosts collagen production. A multi-tasking hero! Add it to the last step of your night-time routine, or mix it in with your moisturiser or, your foundation for a dewy and luminous finish. 

Cheat whilst you sleep 

Go to bed parched, wake up plumped. It is easy as that. There’s no easier way to nourish those locks and hydrate that skin by slapping on your beauty must-haves before Mr. Sandman comes along to do his job. The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask (literally says it on the tin) is designed to slough away dead skin cells from the surface of your lips whilst you snooze, increase smoothness, suppleness and elasticity so you can say adios 👋  to those cracked winter lips by the time morning comes.  

Along with this, you should boost your locks during those 8 hours of beauty sleep with the magical Kérastase Nutritive 8H Magic Night Serum. Your hair at night has ‘nil’ products in, therefore the Iris Root extract and a blend of 5 vitamins including vitamin E, will deeply penetrate the fibre of your hair for over 8 hours for 100% absorption to restore hair's balanced nutrition levels, improving manageability, shine and leaves the hair feeling nourished. It makes the perfect candidate for desperately-dry winter locks! 

Now for my favourite product - The Weleda Skin Food is by far a winner in my eyes. It nourishes and protects VERY dry skin with its It’s a rich and thick creamy blend of nourishing plant oils, lanolin and beeswax, and skin-calming extracts of pansy, chamomile and calendula. And when your skin is screaming for help, she will care for you during those winter months. Not to mention, that our fave Spice Girl Posh Spice, douses her face in this before boarding a flight, to avoid that post-flight-jetlagged-skin.  

Another tip? Cover your dry and cracked heels in this stuff before bed, pop some comfy socks on and by the morning your feet will feel silky and nourished! Did I mention that it’s only $22.46?! 

Glow from within  

Banish your dryness and dehydration, and treat your skin from within with the Vida Glow ingestible beauty. Seasonal changes can affect our skins health, especially in the winter when cold air causes to dry out our skin, reduce sebum production and irritation occurs also. The Vida Glow Hyaluronic Complex will fuel your skin with the goodness it needs to prevent this, and this delicious acai berry flavour will support cellular hydration, enhance skins water content, and strengthen skins barrier.  

If it feels too cold for smoothies, why not pop it in a warm lemon & honey, or my personal fave a herbal tea, for that sweet taste of heaven!  


The Winter Emergency Saviours 

There is nothing worse than painful, dry and cracked skin. Whether you are prone to dryness, have super-sensitive skin or have been whipped in the face by wind burn, so I'd like to present to you, your new skin saviours; 


For instant relief 

The Avène Tolerance Control Soothing Skin Recovery Cream can be used for rapid irritations that may occur in your skin, especially during the winter 👏  An impaired barrier, like I said, wind burn, and any other painful skincare concerns are just a recipe for disaster, and this little rescue-remedy will help instantly moisturise, reduce skin’s reactions and soothe irritations, AND strengthen the skins barrier. Pop one in your handbag, at, all, times!  



Your night time bestie  

The extremely moisturising Dermalogica Meltime Moisture Masque, is a must-have and that reliable friend you can always count on. Activated by skin’s natural heat, this balm to oil helps restore dry and dehydrated skin, and it’s Micro-algae's hydrating properties help soothe and protect the skin against the drying and damaging effects of pollution. Use once or twice per week (all depends how parched you are) to wake up like a glowing goddess.  



Say farewell to the winter blues and hello to nourished locks and hydrated skin with the help of our beauty faves as OZ Hair and Beauty today! We’re here to help you whatever the weather, you’ll only glow from now on!