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It's All About That Base: Staple products that hair and makeup artists can't live without

Contrary to popular belief, achieving flawless makeup and perfectly styled hair isn't as simple as piling on foundation and concealer or layering on the hairspray until your hair doesn't budge an inch. Luckily, most of us are beginning to understand the importance of prep work before applying any products.  
However, there's a good chance that you aren't fully aware of just how essential prep is and why it can help you achieve a flawless look. If you're interested in learning why it's so important to ace your base and what products should be your go-to, we're here to help you out. Take a look below at the top staples hair and makeup artists can't live without. 

Why prepping your hair or makeup before styling is essential 

When it comes to getting a seamless makeup look, you need to think of your skin as a blank canvas - your final product isn't going to be smooth and flawless if the canvas isn't properly prepared first. When prepping, the smoother and healthier your skin is, the better your make-up is going to sit once it’s finished. Not only will you achieve a flawless finish, prepping also allows for smooth application, meaning your makeup is spread out evenly, leaving no room for patchwork.  

The same goes for your hair. If you aren't putting some time and effort into your hair before you start styling, the chances of it coming out as you had planned, and more importantly, staying styled, will be much lower than if you had put in some prep work beforehand. Utilising certain products before you begin styling is going to help your hair stay up while also looking and feeling healthier for much longer.  

What are the benefits of prepping? 

The benefits of prepping your hair or makeup beforehand are numerous. Some of the top benefits include: 

It ensures longevity 

There’s nothing worse than spending hours on your hair and makeup only for your makeup to start sliding off your face, or for your curls to drop before the night is young. Putting in the extra effort and prepping with some great products will help ensure the longevity of your makeup and hairstyle.  

Your makeup looks flawless

Take some time to apply a good nourishing mask such as the Dermalogica MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque. This mask is the perfect pick me up for dull or lacklustre skin, and it is great for brightening, hydrating and adding a glow to your complexion.  
Follow up with a spritz of Avène Thermal Spring Water, which gives a strong burst of hydration and is perfect for prepping your skin before you apply your serums. Your makeup will glide on smoothly and have a great base on which to perform.  

Next up, apply your serum of choice. Go for something that’ll add a kick of hydration like the Medik8 Hydr8 B5 Serum. This will add an extra layer of moisture to the skin, giving you cheeks dewy enough for light to bounce off. It’ll also help with makeup application, making your skin smooth enough to glide over, and giving you a seamless result.  

Additionally, you will want to utilise a great primer to help your makeup stay on. The Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre acts as a moisturiser and primer to give you a perfect base to build on. Like the Medik8 B5 Serum, it does provide additional moisture; the more moisture, the better!  

Your hairstyle lasts longer

We’ve all had those moments where we’ve put so much time and effort into our hairstyle for a big event only to discover that no matter how much hairspray we spritz on, it’s come crashing down halfway through the night. In 2022, we’re learning from our past experiences, so let's avoid this by creating the perfect base.  

You want to invest in a quality product that is going to help amp up that volume, and give you texture and grip. Try applying a dry shampoo to the roots of your hair, such as the Klorane Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk, before you begin styling. This will especially help with fine limp hair, creating a volumised effect. Dry shampoo will also help build texture and hold which will keep your hair look fresh all day and night long. 
Always make sure that you apply a heat protectant to the mid lengths and ends of your hair as well if you are planning on using hot styling tools or spending a day in the hot Aussie sun.  

You're saving yourself money 

Undoubtedly, one of the often-overlooked benefits of ensuring that your hair and makeup last longer is the fact that you aren’t going to have to reapply your products as often and are going to end up using less of them. Not having to reapply is going to save you tons of makeup that would have otherwise been wasted in reapplication, saving you money and time in the long run while you continue to look and feel fab.  

Skincare is beauty

Having a great base for your makeup doesn’t just come down to throwing on a few products right before you apply your foundation. Beauty and a flawless base also come from having a regular skincare routine that is going to help your skin consistently shine through.  
And remember, beauty comes from within, so drink plenty of water, eat whole and healthy foods and get plenty of sleep if you want your skin to shine. Healthy skin is going to help your makeup look perfect for longer.  
Having a great base to build upon for both your hair and makeup is pivotal to attaining that flawless makeup and perfectly styled hair that lasts. Be sure to invest in the right products and spend the time prepping before styling and you will see the difference. Shop our huge range of haircare and skincare which’ll help you prep before you style.