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An image of the iQ Perfetto - a super light hair dryer that weighs as much as a smartphone.

This super light hair dryer weighs less than your smartphone

Over the years, hair care brands have worked hard to create the lightest hair dryer out there. Many have claimed to be the best of the best, but really, what is the lightest hair dryer on the market? To set the record straight, it’s the Gama Professional iQ Perfetto. That’s right, this super light hair dryer takes the cake weighing at just 294g - which, might we add, is approximately the same as your average smartphone.

Along with being the lightest hair dryer in the world, the Gama Professional iQ Perfetto has many other perks, making it the hair dryer that everyone needs in their life. Today, we’re here to give you some insight into its features and how to make the most of this super light hair dryer.


What is the lightest hair dryer?

The Gama Professional iQ Perfetto holds the record for being the lightest hair dryer on the market, and you can now get your hands on it here in Australia. This super light hair dryer has set the bar for a new era of blow drying and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

Discover more power, more intelligence and some much needed relief in your arms and shoulders with this show stopping hair appliance. The iQ Perfetto is designed to eliminate musculoskeletal tiredness during prolonged use - which is music to the ears of professional stylists and blow dry pros.



What else does this super light hair dryer offer?

Intelligent brushless motor

This super light hair dryer has an intelligent, brushless motor which contributes to its game changing weight. Because it uses magnets to generate power (and makes the motor function friction free), it produces less heat and provides higher performance - 7x faster than traditional hair dryers to be exact. Paired with a digital control technology interface, the iQ Perfetto also has an increased motor life and offers much faster dry time.

Oxy Active Technology

We’ve heard about ionic technology before, but this super light hair dryer takes it to a new level with Oxy Active technology. The negative ions will reduce frizz and offer a glossy finish like most professional hair dryers on the market. However, with the addition of the Oxy Active technology (or active oxygen), you can also achieve a colour lock effect in your hair. As you use the blow dryer, the combination of active oxygen and ions acts as a strong antibacterial barrier working to seal hair cuticles and offer longer lasting colour durability.

Auto-Clean Technology

Nothing wears a hair dryer down more than the build up of dust and dirt in the filter. However with the iQ Perfetto, this is no longer an issue. Innovative Auto-Clean Technology rotates the motor turbine in the opposite direction, expelling particles and build up left in the filter after use, offering a deep clean out each time. In addition to this, the iQ Perfetto includes an innovative micro-filter that stops dirt particles from entering the motor in the first place - further contributing to its extended motor life.



Memory Function Technology

This super light hair dryer also includes Memory Function Technology. This means that among the 12 available configurations, it will memorise the combination of speed and temperature you last used which makes it much easier to manage different hair types. From fine and thick hair to straight or curly haired girls - simply turn on this super light hair dryer and pick up where you left off every time. During use, your selected configurations can also be locked to avoid accidental changes. This also helps you to limit heat damage by keeping the heat setting at a constant temperature level that is best suited to your hair type.

Super quiet

In addition to being a super light hair dryer, the Gama Professional iQ Perfetto is also super quiet at only 78 dB. This makes it the perfect travel hair dryer as well as a great option for early risers.

Other Features

The lightest hair dryer in the world is complete with 2x different nozzles, 1x diffuser attachment, a professional 3 metre length cable, 12 heat and speed settings and a cool shot button.

An affordable alternative

We know what you’re thinking. A super light hair dryer with incredible features like this must be expensive. But believe it or not, the Gama Professional iQ Perfetto is actually an affordable alternative to many other smart hair dryers on the market. So along with it being the lightest of them all, you can also guarantee the same innovative technology, power and performance that big hair care brands offer. Why spend more when this one does the same thing for less? We know we wouldn’t.



You can find the incredible Gama Professional iQ Perfetto online from Oz Hair & Beauty right now. Buy now and pay later with our various interest free payment options and see for yourself just how amazing this super light hair dryer is in action.

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