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Tangle Teezer Brush available in various colours

Why you need a Tangle Teezer brush in your life

If there is one thing we hate most about doing our hair, it’s brushing out those damn tangles! There’s no need to sugar coat it. Tangles are painful. Period. But what if we told you that there was a way to avoid that pain and suffering? What if we could brush our hair gently, without breakage and without pain? Well do we have news for you. Throw away all your current brushes boys and girls, because all you need in your life is a Tangle Teezer Brush.

Tangle Teezer is the international hair care brand that has changed brushing, blow-drying and styling all over the world. With the combination of innovative teeth technology and a very determined founder, Tangle Teezer has rapidly become a world-wide phenomenon - even her Majesty the Queen rates the Tangle Teezer brush!

As we all know, brushing our hair can do a lot of damage to our luscious locks. There’s pulling, snagging and breakage involved - which isn’t great when we need to do this every day. Tangle Teezer brushes, however, use a ground-breaking two-tier tooth system to smoothly brush out knots with minimal damage. The short teeth will smooth the hair cuticles as you glide the brush through your hair, resulting in a natural glow; and the longer teeth will handle all the knots.

Breaking down our hair routine into three parts, there is a Tangle Teezer brush for every step: detangling, blow-drying and styling. So wanna know what makes these brushes so incredible? Keep reading.

A Tangle Teezer Brush For Every Hair Routine

1. Detangling

If you’re looking for pain free detangling, that doesn’t break, pull or stress out your hair, then you are in the right place. A detangling Tangle Teezer brush uses innovative teeth technology to effortlessly glide through your hair, creating a healthy, pain free way to detangle your tresses.

The detangling range is complete with several different brush types, each purposely designed to make brushing your hair easier than ever.

The Original Detangling Hairbrush

The brush where it all began. The Original Detangling Hairbrush is a multi-award winning invention. With the innovative two-tiered teeth system, the original Tangle Teezer brush is designed to banish tangles and knots, while simultaneously preventing breakage and damage to our hair. While this brush is great for all hair types, there is also a Thick & Curly Detangling Hairbrush with longer, stronger teeth that will seamlessly glide through thicker, curly hair.

Tangle Tip: Use this Tangle Teezer brush on wet or dry hair to easily rid you of your tangles!



The Wet Detangler Hairbrush

Designed for in-shower use or on wet hair, the Wet Detangler Hairbrush is unlike any other hairbrushes. Detangle your wet hair with no pulling, tugging or snagging. The special teeth glide easily through all types of wet hair, so everyone can enjoy a painless hairbrushing experience.

Tangle Tip: Use the Wet Detangler to work in your shampoo and conditioner for a deeper cleanse, instead of using your fingers.



Compact Styler Detangling Hairbrush

The Compact Styler Detangling Hairbrush uses the same two-tiered teeth system and offers the same results, only it is handbag friendly. Achieve smooth, tangle-free hair anytime, anywhere with this compact Tangle Teezer brush.

Tangle Tip: This handy, compact brush comes with a protective cover to keep your portable Tangle Teezer brush in great condition on the go!



2. Blow-Drying

We all love the feeling of a fresh salon blowdry right? Well, now you can achieve that same look and feel right at home, all on your own. That’s right, no professionals needed. Tangle Teezer has blow-drying covered with their revolutionary Blowstyling brushes that make blowouts easy.

Blowstyling Paddle Brush

The innovative Blowstyling Paddle brush takes your hair from wet to dry. With a specially designed teeth system that delivers flow tension, the teeth allow your hair to snake through the brush for a quick, smooth and gentle blow-dry that doesn’t pull or stretch your hair. Removing excess water in the process, you can achieve smooth, shiny, voluminous hair faster than ever before. No hair straightener required - this Tangle Teezer brush is the ultimate blow drying tool.

Tangle Tip: The Blowstyling Paddle Brush is available in two different sizes. If you have medium to long hair, use the Full Paddle Brush; if you have short to medium hair use the Half Paddle Brush.

Blowstyling Round Tool

Give your hair incredible lift and volume with the Blowstyling Round Tool. Yep, you guessed it, this Tangle Teezer brush is complete with more groundbreaking teeth technology that works to pick up hair at the roots, delivering free flow tension and natural, voluminous results. You don’t even need to roll or wrap your hair around the brush, the design of this brush will do all the work for you as it takes your hair from wet to dry, to bouncy and big and beautiful.

Tangle Tip: The Blowstyling Round Tool is also available in two different sizes. If you have medium to long hair, use the Large Round Tool; if you have short to medium hair use the Small Round Tool.



3. Styling

We’ve detangled and we’ve blow-dried, now it’s time to get styling! Discover two incredible styling tools that will make styling your hair easy. Pull your hair up, down, tease it and zhuzh it - once you get your hands on these Tangle Teezer brushes it will be hard to imagine your life without them.

The Ultimate Finishing Tool

The Ultimate Tangle Teezer brush dry-styles and finishes your hair. Use it to achieve the perfect updo, add volume and texture, and to maintain hair extensions. The teeth on The Ultimate brush are longer and softer to lightly detangle hair, while smoothing the cuticles for high shine.

Tangle Tip: If you tend to struggle with frizz, run the Ultimate Finishing Tool through your hair after heat styling to smooth out your hair.



Back Combing Hairbrush

Created for everyday styling, the Back Combing Hairbrush is designed to give your hair that oomph you’ve been looking for. Effortlessly achieve height, texture and volume that lasts. This back-combing Tangle Teezer brush has unique two-tiered teeth with more density at the base, making back-brushing quicker and easier, while minimising breakage.

Tangle Tip: Use the handle of this brush to easily part your hair when blow-drying or heat styling.




What do we want? Pain free detangling! When do we want it? Now! So what are you waiting for then? Find the Tangle Teezer brushes in our detangler collection online from Oz Hair & Beauty today.

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posted by

Rebekah Chetcuti on November 06, 2019