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What is International Women’s Day and why it’s important to celebrate it

You might have noticed a little thing - or rather a huge movement - called International Women’s Day popping up in your feed lately. While our social media age has made it more popular than ever, we’ve actually been celebrating this special day since the first official gathering in 1911. But what is International Women’s Day, exactly?

Long story short, it’s a global day - it’s recognised and endorsed by the United Nations - to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. And so we should!

So we thought as a company that includes a lot of strong women - both staff and our amazing Oz Hair & beauty community - we’d talk about this day, and of course, give back to you with a special giveaway (which includes some of our favourite haircare and skincare).


What is International Women's Day - Oz Hair & Beauty team members celebrating International Women's Day

So really, what is International Women’s Day?

While fighting for equality is an ongoing movement, International Women’s Day is the central day of action where we can celebrate women’s achievements and help increase visibility of the work that women do. But beyond this, days like this are important reminders that we also need to call out and stand up against inequality. 

Especially because this year’s theme is #EachforEqual. They’re asking - or really, women as a whole are asking - everyone to actively choose to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations and celebrate women’s achievements. 

Most importantly, International Women’s Day isn’t just a one day thing. We should think of it more so as a reminder to do better everyday to help advance gender equality - to lift ourselves up, to lift our sisters up and ask people to be better in the treatment of women. So what is International Women's Day? A day for women and girls everywhere.

Tips on how to celebrate the day

In the wise words of world-renowned feminist, journalist and activist Gloria Steinem, “The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights.”

So this International Women’s Day, we’re asking our girls to make it your day - and also do what you can to make a positive difference for all women. 

To involve the women around you everyday, you can:

  • Organise a morning tea at your workplace - with fun notes on how you appreciate another woman’s contribution to the workplace. Don’t forget to get the guys involved too!
  • Organise a girl’s brunch where everyone comes prepared to talk about their achievements for the week or year.
  • Make a donation to a charity that helps women in need. Friends with Dignity, for example, do incredible work to help women in domestic violence situations, campaign for more visibility and to help stop violence against women.

    You can also search for special International Women’s Day events in your city - there are breakfasts, film tours, industry events and even fashion shows. Be sure to reach out to some like minded women at the event too! Whatever it is, celebrate yourself, your achievements, the women in your life and just 

    Most importantly, while this is a female-led effort, we’re going to need the guys in our lives to step up too. While we love being shown appreciation, it’s more important that men stand up for women - not only when they need it but also just in setting that standard all the time. We think that’s the mark of a real man!



    Our special International Women’s Day Giveaway

    Of course, another small way to celebrate on the day is to just look after yourself. We work hard, we all deserve a little ‘me’ time. You know that our favourite thing to do is to give back to you guys, and of course, we want to celebrate the women in our lives on this special day. 

    While we’d never neglect our male customers - hi guys! - we’d say the majority of our customer base are women, so what is international women’s day without a giveaway? We have some incredibly special and talented women working in our team, so we thought what better way to celebrate this special day, than to have our Oz Hair & Beauty girls pick out their favourite products and turn it into a giveaway?

    A self care package for women, hand picked by women. 

    So meet some of our Oz Hair & Beauty gals - they've probably answered your questions via direct messages and emails before - and learn about each of their picks.


    Beauty Therapist

    Oz Hair & beauty - Kirstie - Hairdresser

    Comfort Zone Hydramemory Cream Gel

    “I used to work in-salon with Comfort Zone so I got to try all the goodies from the range. The Hydra-memory Cream Gel was one of my faves as it feels super lush on your skin and gives the best hydration boost without it feeling too much on the face. It also acts as a great primer for makeup.. It teams up super well with the Comfort Zone Hydramemory Eye Gel.”



    Oz Hair & Beauty International Women's Day - Jasmine, Hairdresser

    O&M Project Sukaroi Gold Smoothing Balm

    “It contains pleasure oil so it smells amazing. It feels absolutely incredible in the hair and smooths and softens without weighing the hair down. I have fine hair but a lot of it and I don’t feel like this makes my hair limp. I had really damaged, dry hair after bleaching and this really helped make my hair not feel so dry and frayed.”


    Hairdresser and makeup artist

    Oz Hair & Beauty International Women's Day - Kasey, Hairdresser & Makeup Artist

    Vitafive CPR Fortify Inca Omega Healing Serum

    “I feel like this skin serum is a really underrated product. It repairs and seals split ends, and leaves your hair shiny. It’s sulphate and paraben-free and Australian-owned. They also do not test on animals!”



    Oz Hair & Beauty - International Women's Day - Kiara, Hairdresser

    Biologi Bd Luminosity Face Serum

    “I LOVEEEEEE this skin serum! I feel like it has cleared my face from any type of hormonal dermatitis and has improved my skin quality for the better!”

    FOREO Luna 2

    “This helps get deeper into my pores and ensures that all the dirt is off my face. I feel like I now have a cleaner and clearer face plus it helps prevent blocked pores and pimples.”


    So head to Instagram to find out how you can win one of three care packages worth over $500 that includes:

    Celebrate, everyday

    While we love International Women’s Day and the idea behind it, we should be celebrating our sisters everyday. What is International Women’s Day? It’s a movement to help lift up the women in your lives everyday, and continue to support all the amazing causes that are fighting for equality. And don’t forget to treat yourself as well.

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