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A selection of all natural skincare products from Comfort Zone

Why you should make the switch to natural skincare products

In the words of Comfort Zone (our newest natural skincare brand), skin is the mirror of our mental wellbeing, physical state and the daily choices we make. This statement is our new mantra when it comes to beauty, as we’ve never heard so much logic in one short sentence.

Comfort Zone believes that making conscious, healthy decisions for our inner beauty builds the foundation for our glowing outer beauty. They're also pretty big advocates of promoting an environmentally sustainable life - starting with natural skincare products. Comfort Zone strives to improve our skin, body and mind through science-based solutions while caring for our planet at the same time.

Want to learn more about these incredible, all natural skincare products? Keep reading.


About Comfort Zone (& Davines)

If you’re familiar with the ethos of Davines haircare, then you may notice similarities in Comfort Zone’s principles. Both are born out of the same Italian laboratories, offering 100% natural products made from ethically sourced, certified organic ingredients.

Together, Davines and Comfort Zone form the Davines Group, which is part of the B Corporation® - a global network of brands that aim to use their business for good. This certification is met with the highest environmental standards and a collective mission to improve the environment everyday.

By using a combination of these plant based, vegan and cruelty free hair and skin care brands, you set yourself up for a cleaner beauty routine, and a chance at making your mark on this earth greener.

5 natural skincare products to get you started



When your skin appears dull and pale, chapped and uneven, or feels sensitive to touch, it is most likely calling out for a nice tall drink of water. In other words, some much needed hydration.

All these symptoms are late signs of dehydration, which is not good news for our skin. The natural skincare products in the Hydramemory range are designed to maintain optimal hydration levels to keep skin naturally plump, elastic, healthy and glowing.

Hydramemory uses two key mechanisms. First, it creates a barrier that helps to reduce water evaporation - keeping hydration locked into your skin. It then uses water diffusion to transport water into the core of our skin cells to create a water reservoir for when hydration is needed.




The Remedy range is designed for sensitive skin. If redness, tightness, prickling and overreacting to natural elements (such as the sun and wind) are common for you, then these natural skincare products are your remedy. Through extensive research, Comfort Zone determined three key active, natural and organic ingredients that help visibly improve skin - without irritation.

A prebiotic from the enzymatic synthesis of sugars will help protect skin from harmful bacteria; soothing extracts from Marvel of Peru and Mexican Hyssop flowers will help reduce redness and skin irritation; and marula oil, sustainably sourced from a Southern African plant, will replenish the skin barrier. 

By harnessing the power of these active ingredients, Remedy helps to promote the health of your skin by building its strength to defend itself.




When it comes to our skin, youth is a common desire. The three pillars of youthful skin are: water, proteins and lipids. However as we age, our body’s ability to retain and produce elements of these three pillars becomes limited. As a result, we begin to see signs of aging such as sagging, wrinkles, loss of elasticity and luminosity.

However, the natural skin care products in the Sublime range are designed to fortify these visible signs. With the combined knowledge of dermatologists and scientists, Archi-lift™ technology was born. Designed to restore skin structure from within, the Sublime range has a key purpose to replenish and stimulate the water, proteins and lipids in our skin, for more youthful results.




The Essential range is for all skin types, designed to cleanse, exfoliate and remove make up or dirt build-up. The beauty of using natural and organic skincare products, such as the Essential collection, is that they are gentle on your skin and can be used daily without any worry.

Efficient cleansing is vital for skin health, as removing makeup residue, pollution and dirt from the skin surface everyday prevents harmful results occurring. All natural skin care products are also free from silicones, parabens, mineral oils and SLES, meaning there is no need to worry about causing irritation through aggressive or excessive cleansing. A good cleanse once a day, will keep the impurities away!



Active Pureness

Pimples, blackheads, enlarged pores and oiliness are telltale signs of impure, oily skin. There are several causes for this skin type such as genetic predisposition, hormonal changes, cosmetics or diet. While some are clearly out of our control, others can be maintained with slight changes in our everyday routine.

The natural skin care products in the Active Pureness range are designed to treat the typical blemishes known to anyone with an oily skin type. They will help to make pores less visible while also preventing oily-prone blemishes from forming in the future.



If you care about what you’re putting on your skin and love the sound of sustainably sourced ingredients, then Comfort Zone skincare is just for you. No matter your skin concerns, this incredible brand has an all natural solution just for you.

In celebration of our latest launch, we’re giving away a sample set of your choice of the collections we mentioned above with every skincare order. Make the switch to all natural skincare products today and see just why ethical beauty is taking the world by storm. 

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