Hair Brushes

Never be caught without an essential hair brush that is designed with your hair type in mind. No matter whether your hair often becomes frizzy, or you are prone to hair breakage, we stock a hair brush that is perfect for you.

Different brush styles are better suited for different tasks. Choose a large paddle brush or styling brush for general hair brushing and detangling. A bristle brush is a softer and gentler style that will also detangle your hair. Barrel brushes are designed to assist with styling your hair and can be used to smooth the hair, create shape and add volume when used with a hair dryer. Dressing brushes and teasing brushes can be used to tease the hair and build body to your style. The tapered point can section your hair more accurately than your fingers.

Discover the benefit of hot air brushes that combine the hair brush and hair dryer into one handy product. Use when your hair is 80% dry to create a smooth, frizz-free finish or to add some body and movement to your hair. Smaller brushes are best for creating tighter and more defined waves, whilst the larger hot air brushes can be used to create soft beachy waves.

Find the biggest range of hair brushes at the lowest prices at Oz Hair & Beauty. Never be without the perfect brush for your hair type and styling needs. To mix it up a little, you'll love our selection of hair brush straighteners that are perfect for second day hair and quick touch ups!