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Hair & beauty trends for 2020 being styled at Oz Hair event

The experts reveal their 9 hair and beauty trends of 2020



On Wednesday 27 November 2019, we held our Summer Style Rooftop event. It was a day of cocktails, good food and discussing the hair and beauty trends of 2020. The experts behind our brand revealed nine makeup and hair styling trends that they’ve forecasted to boom in the new year. They say that we can expect two distinct make-up styles: ‘editorial glam’ and ‘Insta glam’. 2020 hair trends, on the other hand, will be ‘undone’ and fuss free - the easier the better.

So what’s the difference between the beauty trends? Editorial glam is a daytime look designed for natural lighting. It includes a light-coverage and low-sheen base, playful eye shades, fluffy but well-shaped brows, cream blush, soft contour and highlight.

Insta glam however, is the beauty go-to look for parties and events, where there will be plenty of photos snapped. Think super matte foundation, a strong cut-crease and winged liner, block brows, strong contouring and overdrawn lips in a neutral colour.

Hair trends summer 2020 are all about relaxed hair, rather than sleek styles. So using high-quality products like Olaplex and evo as part of your hair care routine will ensure your locks are in their best condition. Some trending styles to look out for next season include a half-up half-down top knot, sophisticated braids and beach waves with a slight flick on the ends.

Hair & beauty trends for 2020 being styled using hair curler

Our top 9 hair and beauty trends for this summer:

1. Low-sheen satin as your everyday base, and super matte for Insta glam

Editorial glam:

Dewy, radiant and wet-looking bases are out this summer, replaced instead with products that have a low-sheen satin effect. Lightweight tinted moisturisers such as the Pixi H20 Skintint will help achieve this look, while hydrating and enabling your skin to breathe.

Insta glam:

For a very matte look, start with a primer to smooth out fine lines, followed by a full coverage foundation and translucent powder to set and keep the shine away.

Girl wearing hair & beauty trends for 2020 at Oz Hair event.

2. Top off your summer look with a half-up half-down top knot.

While the effortlessly cool top knot is still a go-to style this summer, in 2020 half-up half-down top knots will start to emerge. To create this look, start by prepping the hair with a leave-in treatment that offers sun and UV protection, such as evo’s Happy Camper, perfect as a pre-beach treatment. A styling powder will give texture to your roots while hairspray will ensure you’re spending time enjoying the sun, rather than fixing your hair.

3. The return of fun shades and glitter on the lids, and a cut crease for the ’gram

Editorial glam:

A number of eyeshadow beauty trends are returning – think fun shades of colour, glitter makeup and smokey eyes with no harsh lines or definition. Finger application is also back, so you can apply your products on the go – no brushes required.

Insta glam:

A hard cut crease is your go-to for a full-glam look to give the illusion of bigger and brighter eyes, while a strong winged eyeliner is back to give a sultry look.

Our go to for these beauty trends are the MCoBeauty Eyeshadow Palette Burgundy/Nudes for glitter.

Girl standing in front of Oz Hair sign at rooftop event, displaying 2020 hair & beauty trends.

4. Textured sophisticated braids.

Adult braids that ooze sophistication will be a big 2020 hair trend this summer – but steer clear of the school-girl styles. The key to effortless braids is all about texture with shape and no fly-aways. To achieve this look, day-old hair works best so it isn’t too silky, but evo’s Haze Styling Powder can be used to provide the grit and hold you need to keep locks in place.

5. Fluffy and well-shaped versus the block brow

Editorial glam:

Eyebrow makeup will still be polished, but not ultra-stylised as in 2019. Soft, fluffy brows with well-shaped tails is the beauty trend for summer. Use a soft brow pencil with an angled tip for precise application and a gel that allows you to fluff them up and add dimension.

Insta glam:

The block brow will be popular for the Insta glam look and is a very masculine and hard feature on the face. Beware, this eyebrow makeup look is not for the faint-hearted.

We love the Pixi Natural Brow Duo for the editorial look and the Youngblood ARTISTE Brow Kit for the Insta look. (Psst, you can shop our entire brow pomade range online.)

Girl have hair and makeup styled with 2020 hair and beauty trends.

6. ‘Natural’ beach waves.

When the balmy weather comes, the beach waves follow – and this year is no different. However, this 2020 hair trend is all about softer hair waves over perfectly formed ones.

Add a few drops of Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil to a pea-sized amount of Olaplex No.6 Bond Smoother and work it through the hair for heat protection and incredible shine. Get the waves by twisting and pulling a hair straightener through small sections of hair, while leaving the ends out to slightly flick. Ensure you run your fingers through the waves to break it up and get soft beach-looking hair. 

7. Cream blush is back – but not for everyone

Editorial glam:

Rejoice that cream blushes are back as they’re super easy to blend and leave your cheeks with a dewy glow, perfect for both daytime and evening looks. The L'Oréal Paris Infallible Blush Stick is our pick for this beauty trend.

Insta glam:

You won’t see any blushed cheeks in sight for the Insta glam look however – it’ll remain clear of warmth and colour, favouring cool tones instead.

Girl having hair styled with foretasted hair & beauty trends at Oz Hair event.

8. Contour as soft as sand, but extreme like the summer sun when it’s selfie time

Editorial glam:

A very soft contour and highlighter is the beauty trend for summer and will ensure your face is ‘naturally’ sculpted rather than looking one-dimensional.

Insta glam:

For a full-glam look in the evening and party season, chopped and chiselled contouring with plenty of highlighter is in – particularly for the younger crowd. It is designed to be seen in photos and strong lights.

A contour stick will be your go to for this trend. Try the Mirenesse 1 Step Contour Stick Shona-Art for these beauty trends.

9. Overdrawn lip lines in a nude liner.

Gone are the days when your lip stick and lip liner shades needed to perfectly match and carefully outline the natural shape of your mouth. The slightly over-exaggerated lip line is back this summer to give the illusion of plump and fuller lips, but the cupid bow will be less defined.

Choosing a lip liner a few shades lighter than your lip stick will still be popular, but a sand or nude liner is on trend next season. Not only will this enhance and highlight your lips, but you can wear just one product with all your lip stick hues.

We love using the ModelCo Illusion Lip Enhancer Kit for this beauty trend.


Stay tuned on the Oz Hair & Beauty Edit next year for more on beauty industry 2020 trends, hair style tutorials, and the scoop on all the products you need this summer. While you're at it, now's a good time to stock up on makeup brushesfoundation makeup and all things beauty - trust us, we know!   

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Rebekah Chetcuti on January 06, 2020


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