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A single swipe of a fabulous lipstick can change your entire makeup look in a matter of seconds. Mix and match your shades with new eyeshadow palettes, experiment with bold and subtle hues, and play with different textures - the opportunities are endless when it comes to lip stick! Shop our range right now and discover just how much fun you can have with the perfect lipstick.

In our extensive range makeup products, we have lipsticks from all the biggest brands. Choose from matte lipsticks, velvet lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, metallic lipsticks and of course a rainbow of colours to suit all looks and skin tones. 

How to choose the perfect lipstick colour

Nude shades

When it comes to the perfect nude lipstick, it’s all about colour match. Everyone’s “nude” will vary depending on your skin tone. If you have pale-light skin, try nudes with a pink undertone; if you have tan-olive skin, try nudes with an orange undertone; and if you have dark skin, you’d want a nude with brown undertones. If you’re adding lip liner, try using one that is 1-2 shades darker to create a fuller, more defined look.

Bold shades

If you’re after the perfect bold lip sticks, just about everyone can pull off a classic red. It’s one of the only colours that looks perfect on cool and warm skin tones of all shades. It’s timeless and it’s versatile - and we have an amazing selection to choose from (along with many more bold shades of course). Whether it's a matte lipstick or a liquid lipstick, your lips will be doing all the talking!

Finding the perfect lipstick is easy with Oz Hair & Beauty. Shop our collection of lip makeup online today!