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Separating eye and lip care fact from fiction

There has never been more buzz around skincare than there is right now. And while we're obviously here for staying up on the latest trends (shoutout to TikTok) and hot products, sometimes it can all get a bit noisy. This can be especially true when you're looking for intel about two of the most troublesome areas you have to care for each day: your lips and eyes. Add to that the damage that can come as the calendar turns to the winter months, and there's perhaps no more important time to be on point with your eye care and lip care than right now.

We're sensitive to the fact that you need a bit of help with these delicate areas. That's why we're here to cut through the crap and give you the straight facts on eye and lip care.

Winning at skincare in winter

Look, we love digging into the wardrobe and getting our fave hoodies and beanies back into heavy rotation when it starts to get chilly. But the winter wind and low temps can wreak havoc on your skin, especially the more sensitive areas around your lips and eyes. Dry skin in winter leaves you looking ashy and flaky and feeling itchy. Dry lips can crack and sting. And puffy eyes somehow cop an invite to the party, even though nobody likes them. The cold air, as well as over-juiced heating inside the office and your home, can suck a lot of valuable moisture from your body. Your sensitive eye and lip areas are some of the first to feel the brunt of this drying disaster.

But you don't have to fear the frost, friends. The following tips and tricks will keep you all warm and fuzzy inside even when it's getting chilly (and when it starts to heat back up).


Hop aboard the myth-busting bus

Beep beep! Without further ado, let's get down to business and learn how to separate the real from the fake when it comes to eye and lip care.


Myth 1: Lip products and lip care can make your lips dry out faster.

This one sets off our garbage take metres big time. Your lips dry out because they lack moisture and can't produce key materials to replenish those losses. The best lip balm for dry lips not only keeps them healthy by restoring and locking in moisture, but can also help protect them from the sun's harmful UV rays. asap Hydrating Lip Balm+ is a lip balm with SPF that also brings it in the form of quick moisturising action. It's like sunscreen for lips without the chalky white zinc.



Myth 2: Lipstick is just as good at protecting your lips as other lip products.

The right shade of lipstick can look absolutely bangin' and supercharge your style. While some definitely do have some lovely lip care properties, they are still no replacement for a trusty lip balm. Applying lip products like Medik8 Mutiny Lip Balm gives you that moisture hit that helps provide a clean, smooth canvas on which to apply your favourite shades of lippy.


Myth 3: You don't need to start using retinol until you qualify for pensioner pricing.

There's no bouncer at Club Retinol checking I.D. – you can start using this magical skincare aid whenever you're ready. A popular ingredient in anti-ageing products, retinol can help combat wrinkles by boosting your all-important collagen production. This plays a huge role in helping firm up the skin under your eyes and combat pesky puffy eyes and dreaded dark circles. It’s best to opt for a retinol product designed specifically for the eye area, as other retinol products may be too potent for this sensitive skin. One of the best eye creams for dark circles is Murad Resurgence Renewing Eye Cream. With the power of retinol, it combats puffy eyes, fine lines and the aforementioned dark circles. Medik8 Advanced Night Eye Cream is another great option to nourish and refresh dull, tired eyes overnight. 



Myth 4: Sun protection isn't a priority in the colder months.

Just because you're not sweating, doesn't mean the sun isn't up to its old tricks in the winter. You need to protect your eyes and lips throughout the year. Murad Environmental Shield Essential-C Day Moisturiser SPF 15 PA++ is a great all-rounder that can help protect and plump the area under your eyes as well as the rest of your face, no matter how brightly the sun shines.


Myth 5: Dark circles under your eyes are a sign you're tired.

A lack of proper shuteye can play a role in that dark, saggy look under your peepers. But more sleep unfortunately doesn't always equal fewer dark circles. You might get a full eight hours a night while also putting on gold-medal performances in the napping Olympics and still not be in love with the way the top half of your face looks. Sometimes the issue stems from the blood vessels under your eyes being more visible through your skin. If this is the case, eye care products with peptides can help you look a little more refreshed. Cosmedix Opti-Crystal eye serum and Cosmedix Eye Genius Brilliant Eye Complex can help strengthen the skin beneath your eyes and keep those blood vessels at bay. Pesky dark circles can also be put down to hyperpigmentation caused by oxidative damage and free radicals. If this is the case, antioxidant-rich Vitamin C products can help to reduce dark circles by protecting and brightening the undereye area. Murad Environmental Shield Vita-C Eyes Dark Circle Corrector helps tackle dark tones with its gold-stabilised Vitamin C and a myriad of other eye-loving ingredients. 



Well there you have it, we've arrived at our final stop. We hope you enjoyed your ride on the myth-busting bus! As you can see, there's plenty of good info out there if you can wade through a whole lotta junk. Don't get caught up in the hype and hysteria surrounding eye care and lip care. With the help of Oz Hair & Beauty, you can be confident that you've got the right tools, tips and tricks at your disposal. Grab what you need today to build the ultimate eye and lip care routine.