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How to get silky hair with the Color Wow Dream Regime

How to get silky hair: the dream regime in action

Want to know how to get silky hair, effortlessly? This simple science-backed method gives dull, dry, coarse hair a healthy, glossy, frizz-free texture - and today we’re gonna show you how.

Have you been hating on your hair lately? Yeah…and we know from our own unhappy hair challenges, that when your natural texture is dull, coarse and unruly, you spend endless hours, energy and money looking for miracle products and magical methods on how to get silky hair. 

We search desperately for the best, most reliable ways to get rid of frizz and make our hair look and feel healthy… and we often sit there just wishing we were graced with silky smooth hair from birth.

Well, we hate to break it to you, but wishing won’t make anything happen. And a “sleeking” product here and a “defrizzing” product there won’t do much either - these are just temporary fixes. However, here’s what CAN make it happen: a science-backed program of new formulas, customised for your hair’s unique needs that will completely change, repair and upgrade the quality of your hair.

We’re talking about the Color Wow Dream Regime. The answer to that burning question of “how to get silky hair” and your own personal hair styling secret. Think of it like a special diet from a nutritionist or an exercise program designed for you by a personal trainer. A Dream Regime dedicated to your hair type and your hair goals that is totally within reach! 

You will see instant results with this method, but to be a total game-changer for your hair, you will need to stick to it and take it very seriously. Like your personal diet and exercise programs, you get cumulative results over time. Knowing how to get silky hair with the Dream Regime program means putting in the work and watching the quality of hair transform along the way. 




What’s REALLY so special about the Dream Regime?

Calling all skeptics. We know what you’re thinking…“we all wash our hair. We all condition our hair. We all use styling products. Sometimes we even use treatments to deal with issues like dehydration or breakage…” So, what’s really so different about the Dream Regime?

Glad you asked! In simple terms, Color Wow products are game-changers. Every formula is innovative, and unlike anything you’ve used (read on for deets). Based on ground-breaking science and totally new technology, every formula works to make your hair healthier (more supple, flexible, resilient) and glossier than you could ever imagine…plus, it protects and enhances your colour.

When you use these formulas in succession, and don’t dilute the results by using other shampoos and conditioners that leave residue or compromise your colour, we promise: you will end up with the healthiest, glossiest results you’ve seen yet.

There’s another key difference with the Color Wow Dream Regime. Unlike most hair care routines, this one is not a “one size fits all.” That would be unrealistic. After all, we all have different hair textures, we all have different problems, and we all want different results. In order to provide real solutions for every hair type and every hair concern, Color Wow’s Dream Regime is designed to be customised for you.

Essentially, you create the steps to your own Dream Regime. Knowing how to get silky hair starts with knowing what your hair needs. You can choose from:

  • Two conditioners (for fine or thick hair).
  • Three treatment Cocktails (to address your specific problems: thin, limp hair, breakage or dehydration). 
  • Two Dream Coat texture transforming sprays (for boosting curly hair or to create a sleek glossy finish with anti-humidity protection).

Watch to see how hair is totally reborn with a personal Color Wow Dream Regime



How to get silky hair in 5 steps

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for. Here’s how to get silky hair with the Dream Regime. Follow these easy steps to transform coarse hair into a whole new level of glossy, silky perfection.

1. Detox

With the Dream Regime approach, you can up the shine factor, improve your texture and bring your best colour to light even before you shampoo! Dream Filter pre-shampoo mineral remover spray gently lifts off minerals (from hard water) and impurities that dull your colour and make your texture rough, in less than 3 minutes.

2. Come clean

The level of "clean" you get from Color Security Sulfate-Free Shampoo is unparalleled, because every ingredient rinses off. You may be surprised to know, that is not the norm. Typical shampoos contain ingredients that stick to the hair and scalp, leaving behind dulling residues and unhealthy deposits. If healthy, shiny hair is your goal, this unique shampoo formula is a must.

3. Hydrate & detangle

Here's your first custom choice: use the Color Security Conditioner for fine-to-normal hair or for normal-to-thick hair. It's important to use a conditioner that delivers the right amount of moisture that your hair needs without greasiness or colour-dulling effects.

4. Treatment

Here's your next Dream Regime custom choice: choose one (or more) Dream Cocktails to address your major hair concerns. These leave-in treatments are activated when you blow-dry your hair. Simply apply liberally to wet hair after washing. 

  • Kale Cocktail makes your hair 50% stronger with just one use. 
  • Carb Cocktail gives fine hair instant fullness and volume. 
  • Coconut Cocktail goes deep to quench dehydrated hair, plus helps replace the essential healthy moisture layer that lays on top of hair's surface.

5. Transform texture

Next, saturate your hair with your selected Dream Coat formula (boosting curly hair or create a sleek glossy finish with anti-humidity protection). Comb your hair through with your fingers to ensure the formula is dispersed evenly, then blow-dry using tension and style as usual. These texture sprays will last for 3-to-4 shampoos. 



The result? Mirror-like shine and glossy, perfectly hydrated hair that will stay frizz-free for days! 

You can find the entire Dream Regime collection online at Oz Hair & Beauty right now. Select your custom regime and see just how to get silky hair for real - it's your dream hair come true.

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