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How an electric essential oil diffuser fights colds

Why you need this electric essential oil diffuser

Being sick is the absolute worst - you need to take time off work, you feel run-down and you have to either cancel or postpone those events on your social calendar. Plus, with the cold weather arriving in Australia, the risk of catching a cold is even higher. Sometimes, getting a cold or the flu is unavoidable, especially if you work closely with others or someone in your family is already sick.

Do you want to know the secret to getting over your cold quicker this winter? Say hello to Black Chicken Remedies Electric Essential Oil Diffuser - a diffuser that is going to change the air you breathe. This baby can affect the wellbeing of your mind and body in more ways than we can mention. Essential oils have been used in aromatherapy for years to help relieve the symptoms and stressors of the common cold. While essential oils shouldn’t replace prescription medicine, and you should always see a doctor if you’re sick, an aromatherapy diffuser can significantly help with colds and congestion.

Keep reading to learn about how to use this ultrasonic diffuser and all the different types of essential oils you’ll need.


How to use the electric essential oil diffuser

The Black Chicken Remedies’ diffuser gives you a running time of 3-7 hours of cool mist diffusion, and it’s incredibly gentle on your eyes and sinuses. Because of its ultrasonic humidifier feature, this electronic diffuser doesn’t actually heat the delicate essential oils - which means they don’t break down and they retain their structural integrity. Instead, it releases the oil into the air which you then absorb into your body and respiratory system. Who knew, that with just some water and a few drops of essential oils, you’ve got a wonderful home fragrance that makes everything feel fresh and revitalised! 

Using the electric essential oil diffuser is super easy! Just follow the points below and you’re on your way to a happier body and happier mind:

    1. Carefully remove the ceramic cover and water tank lid.
    2. Pour in 120ml of clean, room temperature water.
    3. Put in 4-5 drops (only a small amount is needed) of your favourite essential oil into the water tank.
    4. Secure the lid back on, plug it in, turn it on and that’s it!
    5. Every so often, ensure that you completely empty out the electric essential oil diffuser and give it a good clean. This prevents any oil build up inside of it.



The best essential oils for a cold

We believe that when you’re sick, it’s time to give yourself some major self-care. We’re talking skin care, long hot baths, face masks and everything you love to treat yourself to. While scented candles are perfect for these occasions, they don’t hold a light to the electric essential oil diffuser - especially since it actually makes you feel better as you use it. To help you out, we’ve created a quick list of the top essential oils from Black Chicken Remedies you should use when you’re sick with a cold.


This essential oil does exactly as it sounds - it helps you get the most restful and peaceful sleep, even when you’re feeling a little restless. When we’re sick, our sinuses are congested, our eyes can be itchy and we can be coughing all night, which doesn’t exactly sound like the kind of rest we need. This is where this oil blend of cedarwood, bergamont, cinnamon and more comes in. As you sleep, the diffuser works with this oil to release tension and promote relaxation. Not to mention, it also makes a pretty cute night light with its soft light and therapeutic sounds!


Feel invigorated and full of life even on the days you just want to hang around the house and watch your favourite movies all day. This essential oil is a blend of pure calming oils that induces a restorative effect on your psyche. With frankincense as one of its ingredients, it helps to balance and ground your anxious mind - plus it can deepen your breath and help calm your nervous system.


When we’re sick, the most important thing we need is rest and time to heal. As we reach the peak of our colds, our muscles start to feel achy, we’re tired all the time and we can develop tension from trying to push ourselves too hard. Serenity is the perfect calming essential oil blend that can help to fight all of this, and balance your mind. With lavender, marjoram, bergamot and more, you can rest easy with this oil.


This is the game-changer when it comes to overcoming a cold. Inside this little magic bottle, is an essential oil that has powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that soothe and clear your airways. It’s basically nature’s cold remedy. We’ll break down a couple of the key ingredients so you can see why:

  • Oregano: Who knew that oregano wasn’t just used in cooking? Oregano is actually one of the most powerful fighters when it comes to bacterial infections.
  • Menthol: Hate feeling congested? Menthol is what you need. Its sharp scent works to open the respiratory system, which means you can breathe better and even sleep better at night.
  • Rosemary: This fragrant scent has a history in healing remedies since the 16th century. It not only strengthens your immune system, but it boosts your body’s fight against infection.
  • Eucalyptus: It’s no wonder why koalas love these leaves so much. Eucalyptus brings a positive and uplifting energy to your mood, and it can help make you feel better in multiple ways. It relieves muscle tension, boosts your immune system, promotes deep breathing and clears your head and nasal passages.
  • Lemongrass: Incredibly uplifting, lemongrass can be used to reduce muscle aches, pains and headaches! It’s a wonderful way to stimulate your immune system and give you a mood lift.



While we’re obsessing over this electric essential oil diffuser, there’s still plenty of other ways to use these essential oils to help you fight your cold. Our favourite top tip, is to use them in a bath! Run yourself a hot bath, put on a movie or some relaxing music and pop in a couple drops of your favourite oil. For the ultimate DIY spa moment, plug your essential oil diffuser in and place it on your bathroom vanity (far away from water and your bath). As you sink into the water, you’ll be inhaling all types of wonderful oils and we promise, you’ll be feeling better than ever.

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Black Chicken Remedies also have an amazing range of other beauty products and natural remedies that you’ll love. Don’t forget to check out their natural deodorant paste and Love Your Face Serum!


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