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Let’s Talk Periods: What Is Cycle Syncing?

Here, new period brand Scarlet share everything you need to know about understanding your menstrual cycle and why cycle tracking is the most empowering thing you can do for your self-care routine.

What is Cycle Syncing?

We can assure you it’s got absolutely nothing to do with how many kms you’ve ‘cycled’ in spin class. We’re talking tracking your menstrual cycle. Cycle Syncing is where you change your eating habits, exercise and social calendar to mimic the changes throughout your menstrual cycle.


How to track your cycle? 

If you’re into apps - we recommend using FloLiving or Clue app. Start putting in the dates of your bleeds, note symptoms such as changes in discharge, cravings, cramping, breast tenderness etc. 


Why should you track your period?

If your periods are manageable and consistent (you lucky thing)! then you may never have felt the need to track them at all, but there are a number of reasons why tracking you cycle can be a game changer for your health and wellness routine. Acknowledging the ways in which your hormones affect you at different points in your cycle can be an amazing tool for harnessing your motivation, productivity and wellness routine. It also encourages you to practise self-care and be easier on yourself on the days when your hormonal imbalances are making you feel like you want to binge Netflix and eat chocolate all day.


Every woman’s cycle is different, and we do not have to have a ‘text-book’ 28-day cycle to be healthy, what we aim for is a regular monthly period that comes every 21-35 days. However, for simplicity's sake we will discuss these four phases on a 28-day cycle. 


There are four key stages of your menstrual cycle:

  • Menstruation
  • The Follicular phase
  • Ovulation
  • The Luteal phase


1. Menstruation — Approximately day 27 to day 5 of cycle

What’s happening to my body: Day 1 of your period marks the first day of your menstrual cycle. A drop in the hormones oestrogen and progesterone causes the lining of the uterus (known as the endometrium) to shed and pass through the vagina resulting in a period. 

How can I expect to feel: During the menstruation phase you can expect your energy levels to be at the lowest throughout your entire cycle. You may feel more introverted with heightened emotions and intuition. Light movement is great during this time to clear your head, walking and yoga are best but if you’re feeling up to it nearing the end of your bleed, light Pilates is great.


Product to try: Face mask, Silk Eye Mask and Period underwear, like The Boyshort or a period cup - perfect for a leak-proof, worry-free walk, yoga or meditation class - with no stings, no VPL and no waste in sight.


2. Follicular phase— Approximately day 1-12 of cycle

What’s happening to my body: The follicular phase is the first half of the cycle from day 1 bleed until ovulation. In this phase, as the name suggests, follicles in the ovaries (which each contain an immature egg) begin to ripen and grow, thanks to the release of follicle-stimulating hormone from the brain. Toward the end of this phase levels of follicle stimulating hormone begin to decrease and only one dominant follicle continues to develop. The dominant follicle produces oestrogen.

How can I expect to feel: Your energy will begin increasing, you may feel more social, motivated and focused as your oestrogen begins to rise. If you have taken it slowly in the menstrual phase you will feel refreshed and ready to face the world again. 


3. Ovulation— Approximately days 13-19 of cycle

    What’s happening to my body: Rising levels of oestrogen signal the brain to release a surge of luteinising hormone, which triggers the dominant follicle to release the mature egg from the ovary, resulting in ovulation. Ovulation is the main event of the menstrual cycle. 

    How can I expect to feel: This is your time to shine! Energy, motivation, clarity and zest for life is at an all-time high. Women often feel their most confident, strongest, social and sexual around ovulation. 


    4. The Luteal phase— Approximately days 15-26 of cycle

      What’s happening to my body:
      Occurs after ovulation and before menstruation, during which your ovaries will produce the hormone progesterone. Progesterone is essentially telling the lining of your uterus to grow, in preparation for pregnancy. If pregnancy doesn’t occur, this lining sheds bringing the start of menstruation.

      How can I expect to feel: You will notice your energy is starting to taper off, you may feel yourself becoming less social and craving more alone time. Motivation may be decreasing, and you won’t feel as strong. You may feel Premenstrual (PMS) symptoms begin to present such as bloating, tender breasts, moodiness, breakouts and sleep disturbances. When it comes to period products to support during this phase.


      Products to try: The period proof G-string is the perfect style for those lighter days or when you just don’t want to risk it.



      Now go forth on your period-tracking adventures and be sure to pop back and let us know what fascinating things you discover about yourself along the way.


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      posted by

      Vanessa Isaac on January 12, 2022


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