We Tried Period Undies And It Went Like...

Periods. Heavy, light. Clotty, spotty. Painful, bearable. All so unique, just like us vagina owners. I guess that’s the main reason why each of us catches our flow differently, right? Some tampon loyalists, and others, dabbling into menstrual cups, pads, period undies etc. Whatever it is we use when Aunty Flo visits, we all strive to feel protected. It’s kind of like hiring a security team. I’m not sure about you but, on my first and second day, this girl needs a force as strong as an army; the flow is highly threatening and could attack my inner thigh at any second. And on the final days of my period, I'll settle for a bouncer outside of a Sydney nightclub; threats are minimal as leakage chances are at a low.  


Scarlet Period  

Now, let’s call in the troops from Scarlet. Just like pads and tampons, did you know that Scarlet period undies have different absorption levels? They also come in different shapes, from G-string to Boyshort, so you can pick the perfect brief for your cycle. Before we chat more about the products, there are a few things about the brand's approach which I am f***ing obsessed with. Firstly, Scarlet aim to make hormones, sex, women’s health, and all the stuff that comes with it, table talk. Why? Because it bloody (pun unintended) should be. Periods are a part of being a woman. Our body literally sheds blood for 5 days and we survive? How amazing is that! Let’s embrace, educate and chat about it. Other personal fave Scarlet brand attributes are that all their products are sustainable and vegan, and that they support Endometriosis Australia with regular donations. 


Our Team’s thoughts on Period Undies  

I’m typing this two days before I’m due for my Red Ps, and if I could use one word to describe how I'm feeling, it would be “hungry”. In saying this, I won’t be able to provide my full thoughts right now but I’ll be back in a few days with my full review. In the meantime, let’s see what some of the other ladies at Oz Hair & Beauty thought about Scarlet Period. We all tried different cuts, styles and absorption levels so you could get a variety of reviews, making your purchase decision a little easier.  


The Boyshort  

First, let’s hear from Tash, our Head of Social & Content; “I've been so skeptical when it came to period undies. I've been targeted with ads a million times over but have never tried them, so when Scarlet Period sent some to our team, I thought it was now or never. And boy oh boy, what have I been doing with my life. I wore the Boyshort to bed and couldn't believe that when I woke up there was no uncomfortable feeling of wetness or leakage. You couldn't even tell in the undies themselves that they had been worn as they absorbed everything. I thought it would have been the polar opposite, and quite frankly now, I feel bad for wasting products when I could have been sporting these bad boys 5 nights a month. The next step for me is trying the Briefs or G-string during the day which I'm still nervous about but after trying the Boyshort you can bet I've already put my order in for another few pairs”.   


The G-string  

Next up, we have Beck from graphics who tested out the G-string. Unlike the Boyshort which provides support on the heaviest of days, the G-string was made for a light to moderate flow and holds around 2 tampons worth of blood. Here’s what Beck had to say about it: “I was a bit nervous first trying these out but they're super comfortable! Felt so safe and snug, definitely leak-free. Quality is amazing, won’t be going back to using pads”. Ok, now I can't wait to give my Scarlet undies a go. I’ve never been so excited for my period *checks Flo for the fifth time today like it’ll fast track my due date*. 


The Everyday Brief  

You know how I was talking about the different security levels earlier? Well, Jas, our Content Creator, tried the Everyday Brief which provides max security and holds three tampons worth of blood. Let’s hear Jas’ thoughts: “I tried the briefs on one of my heavier days to really put them to the test because period underwear just made no sense to me. They were super comfortable and completely leak proof. Would highly recommend!”. PR & Social Coordinator, Em, also loved the Everyday Brief. Unlike Jas, Em tried the light to moderate flow-holding brief, and also found these to be leak-free. One of her concerns was that they may smell a little funky, here’s what she said: “... they have totally proven me wrong. So comfy, secure and odourless”. Annaliese, our Digital Marketing Coordinator, isn’t new to period undies. Having tried other brands, one thing that made the Scarlet Everyday Brief stand out from others on the market is that “they aren’t bulky”.  


So, my period has arrived, and like Jas, I also tried the moderate to heavy flow holding Everyday Brief. Pro tip: make sure you give these babies plenty of time to dry when you wash them. Don’t forget, they do have extra layers of support so they’ll take longer to dry compared to your regular undies. I wore the Everyday Brief to bed on night 1 which is always my heaviest night, and like the other chicks in the office, I was super impressed. I thought for sure my period would leak through but to my surprise, I woke up to clean sheets. One thing I did find quite weird though was that my subconscious kept waking me up throughout the night, thinking my period was free flowing without any protection. I might need to get used to the whole idea of sleeping without a pad for an interruption-free night but in the meantime, I might join Tash in sporting a G during the day.   


There you have it, our team’s take on period undies. Do we love them? Yes. Are we on our way to investing in five pairs per month? Absolutely. If you want to browse the whole Scarlet Period range, including undies and other wellness products, visit ozhairandbeauty.com 

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Vanessa Isaac on April 01, 2022