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Looking to plump, detoxify, brighten or hydrate your skin? No matter your skincare concern, there’s a face mask for you. Packed full of nourishing, ultra-potent ingredients, facial masks are every guy and gal’s best friend - shop skincare with Afterpay now.

Getting ready for a date or a night out? Rejuvenate tired eyes and give them a major hydration boost with our eye masks. We have collagen eye masks that will revive your skin’s elasticity and minimise fine lines and wrinkles, calming masks that will depuff your eyes, and plenty more besides! 

Skin feeling congested? Turn to our clay masks. They have ingredients that are formulated to go deep into your pores to clear everything out, and leave you with glowing, fabulous skin. Or if your skin is feeling a little dry, our sheet masks are exactly what you need. Soaked in hydrating and nourishing serums, they’re the perfect face mask for dry skin.

Ready to reap the hyper-targeted benefits of face masks? Shop our skincare with Afterpay online at Oz Hair & Beauty and find the perfect face mask for you.