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how to get beautiful skin with Philosophy skincare

Why beautiful skin starts with Philosophy

A few years earlier, there was a time in the beauty world where Philosophy skin care was on everyone's mind. They’re one of the OG hype skincare brands, and to this day remain one of the most loved brands for multi-tasking products that offer beautiful skin.

Philosophy earned its name for many reasons. From its minimal, yet iconic packaging and uplifting poems, to its clean and gentle products that offer real-life results. Beautiful skin was in everyone’s reach and people couldn’t get enough of it. For this reason, you can imagine our excitement knowing that we can now bring this miracle working skincare brand to our family here at Oz Hair & Beauty. 

Today, we want to pay tribute to a brand and its products that so many of us already love so dearly. And through this, open the eyes of those who are yet to discover why Philosophy skincare is a must have on your journey to beautiful skin.


The philosophy behind the brand

Philosophy believes that every woman deserves to have radiantly beautiful skin. Born from a desire to inspire women to look, live and feel their very best, Philosophy knew that skincare shouldn’t be complicated. They wanted to enhance skin health and simplify everyday life with products that are multi-tasking and target more than one skin concern at a time.

But while nourishing women’s skin through clean and gentle formulas, Philosophy also wanted to give women confidence in their everyday lives. As well as inspiring beautiful skin, Philosophy inspires beautiful lives through the uplifting words that are found on the front of each product. 

With the products and their undeniable results, comes pure joy and an experience that you won’t get with any other skincare brand.

Top 3 products for beautiful skin

Over the years of Philosophy’s life, three skincare products have stood out as the go-to’s and must-haves in the range. While the brand has since branched out into fragrances and body wash, these particular products continue to be best sellers all over the beauty world.

1. Purity made simple: 3-in-1 cleanser

The purity made simple 3-in-1 cleanser is an award winning daily formula that cleanses, tones and melts away makeup in one step. Wash your face with this gentle fragrance-free solution and watch your makeup effortlessly melt away before your eyes. 

Natural oil extracts help to condition and lightly hydrate the skin, while also clearing out clogged pores and blemishes for an even and refined skin finish. Purity made simple is ideal for removing long-wearing makeup and waterproof eye products while giving your beautiful skin the gentle cleanse it deserves.

How to use:

Gently massage a quarter-size amount onto a damp face for 30-60 seconds with upward circular motions. For eye makeup, use gentle circular motions over the eye area to dissolve the product, then take a soaked cotton ball or face cloth to wipe away residue. Rinse with lukewarm water.



2. Microdelivery resurfacing peel kit

Philosophy's microdelivery resurfacing peel kit is a two-step process to rejuvenated skin. The in-home peel works to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and restore sun damaged, hyperpigmented and ageing skin. 

The two-step kit includes vitamin C, peptide crystals and lactic/salicylic acid activating gel designed to brighten, smooth and resurface rough textures and minimise fine lines - leaving you with beautiful, healthy skin.

How to use:

Step 1 - vitamin C / peptide crystals

Apply a teaspoon amount to clean, dry skin and gently massage for 60 seconds. Once applied the crystals should appear like a face mask - do not scrub.

Step 2 - lactic / salicylic acid

Next, place a generous teaspoon amount in the palm of your hand and apply on top of the crystals. You will feel a warming sensation and white foam will appear. Leave for 2-3 minutes (you may massage for extra exfoliating benefits or leave it to sit). Then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.



3. Renewed hope in a jar refreshing & refining moisturiser

The renewed hope in a jar moisturiser is revolutionary through its ability to refine texture, eradicate pores and smooth fine lines. The breakthrough, whipped formula offers a healthy glow, while brightening and re-energising dry skin

Featuring a triple blend of alpha-hydroxy acids as well as a combination of 3 hyaluronate and Asian fruit extracts, renewed hope in a jar makes a commitment to beautiful skin simple. Enjoy a long lasting glow and continuous hydration with each application. This moisturiser is ideal for all skin types and anyone looking to protect their skin from anti ageing signs.

How to use:

Simply apply renewed hope in a jar each morning and evening on dry skin after cleansing and treatment.



Discover renewed hope for beautiful skin with products that simplify your everyday skincare routine. You can find all these Philosophy products and many more at Oz Hair & Beauty. Shop online now and experience the pure joy that is Philosophy skincare ✨

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