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What causes dandruff and how can you say no to the snow? 

Chili that adds a bit of zing to your smashed avo. Snow that brings some lovely powder to your trip to the snow. A cheeky chocolate that delivers a sugary hit of sweetness to your slow, draggy work day. You don't mind having these flakes in your life. But we can all certainly do without that white stuff snowing down from our hair and onto our shoulders. 🙅‍♀️


Dandruff doesn't discriminate between men and women, generally popping up uninvited sometime in your 20s. It's made a mockery of many a dark suit, blazer, shirt and blouse, and can be quite embarrassing when you're dressed to impress at work or on a big night out. 


Well it's time to fight back. Read on to learn more about what causes dandruff and how you can treat it with the help of the right hair care products.

What causes dandruff?

Wonder why you're always seeing those freakin' flakes on your shoulders? Here are three of the most common dandruff causes:


  •     Not enough shampooing or brushing When you run your fingers through your hair in the shower or drag a brush or comb across your head, you keep dead skin cells from piling up. When these skin cells accumulate, they can fall from your head in the form of flakes.
  •     Dry skin. If you have dry skin problems elsewhere on your body, chances are you have them atop your head, too. When the temp drops, the dryness, and the dandruff, can get worse.
  •     Oily skin. Say what? Both dry and oily skin are dandruff causes? How rude. Too much oil can draw the attention of a yucky fungus (is there any other kind?) called malassezia that causes dandruff.


Tackle dandruff head on with these treatment tip


Is your personal forecast calling for continued snowy dandruff? Flip the script and give flakes the flick with dandruff treatment tips that can help you fix your flaky scalp.


Call in the big guns

When it's time to get serious about flakes, one of your first moves should be to add a top-notch anti-dandruff shampoo to your washing routine. Many of the best shampoos for dandruff will have an ingredients list that includes some or all of pyrithione zinc, coal tar, selenium sulfide and even tea tree oil.



Brush it of

As we mentioned before, simply making sure you use a brush or comb on the reg can help remove some of the flaky skin cells that contribute to dandruff. Get in the habit of adding one of these tools to your daily self care lineup, and consider keeping one in the car or in your purse so you can do a quick refresh while on the go.


Defeat the dryness

Making moisturising your scalp a priority can also help you in the fight against flakes. Scalp care products like shampoos, cleansers and conditioners put a premium on adding refreshing hydration to your head, making them prime partners in dandruff control.


Chill out

When you get all stressed out, your body's immune system gets weaker. That makes it easier for nefarious fungi to attack your scalp and cause dandruff. While it probably won't do the job on its own, de-stressing can help lessen your chances of having dandruff. 



Ready to damn dandruff to hair hell? Check out the huge range of haircare products on Oz Hair & Beauty and change your dandruff forecast today.


posted by

Vanessa Isaac on September 26, 2020