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Hair Brushes & Combs

While it is important to use the best haircare products if you want your hair looking and feeling it’s very best, having the right tools of the trade to finish off the styling mission is just as vital. Oz Hair & Beauty is home to some of the best hairbrushes and combs to help you detangle and style your hair every day.

Detangling brushes are great for dealing with hair that tangles easily, designed with flexible bristles that won’t pull or damage hair. Wide tooth combs are another hair-wrangling hero - these detangling combs will change your life. Choose a wide-tooth comb from our selection of combs and use it in the shower to gently comb conditioner through your hair before washing it out, leaving your locks smooth and knot-free. Opt for a smaller classic comb for on-the-go styling, tidying up your part and taming flyaways. 

Vent brushes or round brushes are an indispensable staple for those with wanting to create volume in their hair – use them when blow-drying your hair with your favourite hair dryer to volumise and style your hair as desired. Small round brushes are perfect for creating curls or styling curtain bangs, whereas larger round brushes are great if you desire volumised straight hair or subtle waves. Boar bristle brushes are a classic, luxurious choice that help absorb and distribute oils throughout your hair, leaving your hair refreshed and silky. Paddle brushes and oval brushes are other classic options for everyday detangling and styling, great for smoothing unruly hair. 

You'll find a huge selection of combs and hairbrushes online at Oz Hair & Beauty, with plenty of choices from top brands like Brushworx, Evo, ghd, The Wet Brush and more. 

Whether you have frizzy hair that you're constantly fighting to keep under control, trying to care for damaged hair or have other hair concerns you need to tailor your tools to, we've got the combs and hairbrushes you need. Check them out today, and don't be afraid to get in touch with our customer service experts via live chat if you need any help.  

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