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Totally Naked Muvo Shampoo and Conditioner

Why the new Muvo shampoo and conditioner are must-haves for your hair routine

Okay, so you probably know by now that we’re obsessed with pink hair, and a large part of that is thanks to Muvo and their super fun Ultra Rose Shampoo. Their specialised hair care formulations are so gentle on the hair and leave it feeling soft and silky. Understandably the pink (and purple) shampoos aren’t for everyone… So they’ve released their Totally Naked range.

This new Muvo shampoo and conditioner duo takes everything good about their popular formulas, strips back the colour part of it, making it perfect for everyone to use. We’re loving it in our routines at the moment just as a standard wash. But you can even mix it in with their colour counterparts if you’re daring enough. But more on that later.

Muvo have promised us that we’ll love the feel of the Totally Naked range, and we agree. Keep reading to learn more about this new duo and how it works with the range as well.

An introduction to Totally Naked Muvo Shampoo and Conditioner

What’s in this Muvo shampoo that’s so good anyway?

Right, so the beauty of Muvo is that the whole range is free from all those nasties that you don’t want in your shampoo and conditioner. The same goes for the new Totally Naked range. 

The Totally Naked range is enriched with Australian Waratah extract - yep, we’re talking about the native flower we all know so well. It’s actually filled with phyto-compounds that target hair conditioning. So it adds to the already super luxe hydrating formula and aims to nourish and maintain healthy, vibrant hair.

Oh, and all Muvo shampoos and conditioners are vegan friendly and absolutely not tested on animals either. That’s a massive tick from us.



Can I use this combo as my everyday?

Yas, yas you can. Because it’s free from all those gross ingredients that can ruin your hair, the Totally Naked shampoo can definitely be your go-to hair washing choice. Obviously everyone has a hair wash cycle - some can go longer than others - but if you do wash your hair quite regularly, this Muvo shampoo won’t strip your hair or dry it out.

How do I use it?

Essentially it’s just lather and rinse like any other shampoo. Repeat if you want a deeper clean and to get rid of any product build up - boy, do we love a double wash! With the conditioner, squeeze any excess water out of your hair before applying it. Massage deeply for a couple of minutes then rinse thoroughly. Voila!

What about those other Muvo shampoos you were talking about?

We’re so glad you asked! If you did miss our earlier blog about the Ultra Rose Shampoo… it turns your hair pink! If you’re blonde or have lightened hair, it’s a simple 5-minute hair wash that will leave you with pastel coloured locks. And the longer you leave it, the deeper the rose shade.

The Muvo Ultra Blonde Shampoo is also another great option for our blonde friends. The maximum strength formula neutralises any unwanted yellow and brassy tones that can often appear after you leave the salon. And we know that’s the last thing you want! Plus, similar to its pink counterpart, you can leave it in for longer and put some lilac hues into your hair as well. It’s also super moisturising so it works to leave your hair supple and vibrant. It goes without saying that you should use it with the Muvo Ultra Blonde Conditioner as well.

You can actually mix the shampoos together!

You heard it here! If you’re feeling a little creative, you can actually try blending Muvo Totally Naked Shampoo with the Ultra Rose or Ultra Blonde to achieve dreamy pastel results. So remember with both of the coloured versions, the longer you leave it the deeper the colour. So if you mix a little of the Totally Naked in with the Ultra Rose and leave for a full 10 minutes, you might get the perfect in-between cotton candy pink. We’re particularly fond of lilac at the moment so that would be our choice.



Now that you’ve learned all about the new Muvo Shampoo and Conditioner, get around the Totally Naked range and throw in the Ultra Rose or Ultra Blonde while you’re at it as well. Shop all the great hair care on Oz Hair & Beauty with Afterpay today.

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posted by

Tammy Tu on June 26, 2019