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This shampoo will give you pink hair in 5 minutes

We’ve all heard about purple shampoo, but what about rose shampoo? Yep, it does exactly what it sounds like - it turns your hair pink! Muvo Ultra Rose Shampoo is a must-have for those looking to convert to pastel pink hair.

While there are other hair colour products on the market, we love the Ultra Rose Shampoo for its simplicity and the ability to adjust the colour to your liking - but more on that process later. It’s also a shampoo, so you can just use it in the shower without having to worry about major staining that can result from using semi-permanent hair dye that have traditionally been used to get the right colours.

So in under 10 minutes, you can get anything from dreamy pastel pink locks right through to a brighter rose gold hair. Learn more about this new addition to Oz Hair as we answer some frequently asked questions about it.



What’s so good about Muvo anyway?

Where do we even start? Well, it’s Australian owned and made right here at home. Their main goal was to formulate a range of salon-quality, highly specialised products that meet the user’s needs. The best thing about Muvo, in our opinion anyway, is that they have no hidden nasties! SO that means it’s free from SLS, SLES, Triethanolamine, propylene glycol and parabens. AND it actually works and feels good on your hair.

Don’t forget our little write up on why SLS-free is the way to go.

What hair colour can I use it on?

MUVO Ultra Rose can be used on a variety of hair colors such as blonde, bleached and even darker hair with highlights. You’ll find that if your hair is bleached or blonde, you’ll see pink hues a lot quicker! With highlighted hair, it’s best to wait a little longer before washing it out.



Will it stain my hands?

It shouldn’t! Just make sure you wash your hands thoroughly, which is super easy considering you’re washing your hair in the shower. If you do experience staining, read our guide on how to remove stains from purple shampoo for some tips! Thank us later.

How do I use it?

Muvo Ultra Rose is a shampoo at heart so all you need to do is simply lather up and wash it out. It has all the right ingredients that will leave your hair clean and vibrant like any other g good shampoo.

The shade of pink you end up with will depend on how long you leave it in. 1-3 minutes will give your soft dusty pink tones while 5-10 minutes will give you brighter pink finish. Your hair type might also affect this - dry hair requires a shorter amount of time to start seeing colour while those with oilier hair might need to wait a little longer.

We’d recommend going for a shorter amount of time at first and experimenting until you achieve the right pink for you! Don't forget to add in something to tame your locks (and frizz if you have any) for a silky finish - the newest Olaplex hair treatment is perfect!. 

TIP: If you want result even quicker than that and aren’t afraid of embracing the pink then apply the shampoo on dry hair. The colour will grab a lot quicker.

muvo ultra rose shampoo pink hair colour

After you get your hair to the right shade of pink, squeeze out any excess water and apply the Muvo Ultra Rose Conditioner. Designed to go hand in hand with the shampoo, the conditioner contains Australia Rosella to protect your precious locks against UVA & UVB damage - which can strip colour and dry your hair out. It also has a potent blend of phyto-active compounds that helps with conditioning and volumising hair, resulting in soft and bouncy (pink) locks!

TIP: remember that because it is a really good shampoo and conditioner combo, you can use it every day if you like to maintain both your hair and the pink colour. But if you are going to alternate, MUVO recommends opting for a paraben free product so it doesn’t undo any goodness that the Ultra Rose has created.

Shop the Muvo Ultra Rose Shampoo and Ultra Rose Conditioner on Oz Hair & Beauty with Afterpay today. They also do a really, really good purple shampoo.



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Tammy Tu on March 06, 2019



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