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Why a shower comb will change your hair (and life)

Can something so simple as adding a wide tooth comb to your shower routine change your hair? Why yes it can.

If you’ve been sleeping on the shower comb, then it’s now time to get out of bed and get one in your life - and shower! that Not only will it make your life easier by reducing hair prep time, it can also result in healthier and shinier hair. And isn’t that the real end goal?

Do you want to know more about the benefits on a good shower comb? As well as how to use one properly? We’re here with our tried and tested tips and tricks to enlighten you on the power of the comb.

It detangles your hair

Okay, yes most brushes will detangle your hair but you’re probably brushing it dry and fighting with countless knots, and it can seem like a never ending uphill battle. Getting a wide tooth comb that you can use on your hair while you’re in the shower will make a massive difference in detangling, especially if it’s while you have conditioner in your hair.

A gentle comb through will see the knots come apart without having to rip the hair out of your head. If you follow our guide below, you should see smoother hair that doesn’t need to be detangled on the regular. If knots are a persistent problem for you, try something like the O&M Know Knott Detangling Spray for some extra assistance.

It prevents frizz

Frizz generally happens because of dehydration, and a lot of factors can contribute to that. Regular use of hair appliances like hair straighteners and hair dryers, chemical exposure such as bleaching and dying your hair, and unfortunately for our beautiful curly hair sisters, your hair is just naturally drier as well which can result in more frizz. While a good hair treatment can definitely help - we wrote about the major benefits not long ago - prevention starts earlier than that.

A shower comb will be able to tame that pesky frizz if you use it correctly and, most importantly, while your hair is still wet. Brushing your hair dry will open up the hair cuticle - the outermost layer of the your hair strand - and leave it raised and more prone to moisture.

It doesn’t break your hair

Okay so this is where you might have heard some conflicting evidence on the whole brushing your hair in the shower thing. Yes, wet hair is prone to tangling which can lead to breaking if you brush it BUT if you’re gentle about the brushing process - more on that below - it actually helps you out in the long run. Trying to break through knots when your hair is dry is a nightmare - especially when you see all that precious hair just break in half and end up in the bathroom sink. So if you gently brush while you have conditioner in, it will just glide through instead of breaking halfway.

When and how do you use it?

We’d recommend washing your hair with shampoo first then when you get to the conditioner part, apply a generous amount of the good stuff from your hair roots to your ends and leave it in for 3-5 minutes. After that, grab a good shower comb like the Evo Fabuloso Detangling Comb and slowly brush it through your hair. It’s important that you gently brush from the lower sections first and work your way up your hair while holding your hair so you’re not applying too much force. Once you’ve combed through the knows then you should be able to just glide the comb through. Rinse the conditioner out.

The key with the comb is to actually use it in the shower while your hair is wet and still has conditioner in it. So it’s really, really important that when you get to drying your hair, it’s just a  gentle towel dry and squeeze to get moisture out of it - so you don’t have to brush it again when it’s dry. That’s when the frizz can take over.

Where can I get one?

Oz Hair & Beauty have a wide selection of combs that you can choose from. But as a special offer this week, we’re also giving away a FREE shower comb with all shampoo orders. Yep, you can restock on your favourite hair washing needs and get one of these bad boys thrown into your order as well. And now you know that shower combs go hand-in-hand with conditioner, don’t forget to add a good one to your cart as well.

Say hello to tamer hair in no time!

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Tammy Tu on February 20, 2019