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the best shampoo for grey hair

The best colour enhancing shampoo for grey hair

Say goodbye to unwanted yellow or brassy tones, and hello to the best shampoo for grey hair - Redken’s Color Extend Graydiant Anti-Yellow Shampoo. With violet and silver pigments, this shampoo is specifically formulated to rejuvenate and enhance grey and silver hair. As an all-in-one package deal, this shampoo not only tones and strengthens, but it also helps with the texture and manageability of your hair! While purple shampoo has changed the hair care routines of blondes forever, Redken’s is the holy grail for toning grey hair.

Whether you’ve got naturally graying hair or it’s toned by choice, grey is a notoriously tricky colour to keep up (even if you have a celebrity hairstylist). But with Redken, it’s never been easier. If you want to see why it’s so popular, and how it can make your hair silkier and healthier than ever, keep reading.

The grey hair trend

A few years ago, the thought of finding a strand of grey hair would have had women running to the hair salon for a touch up - but those days are long gone now. Grey is the new black, and it’s a colour we’re never going to tire of.

You’ve probably already seen it all over the ‘gram and Pinterest. From silver blondes, to shimmering greys, glossy greige and silver highlights, this trend is more popular than ever.

Obsessed like we are and thinking of taking the plunge? Or maybe you’ve already dyed it, and want to maintain your grey locks? A silver toning shampoo is going to be your new best friend. To ensure your glossy grey lasts and lasts, you’ll need to add some TLC into your hair routine with a shampoo for grey hair.



How does shampoo for grey hair work?

We’ve all been there - one minute you’re walking out of the salon with gorgeous lightened hair, and the next you start to see those pesky yellow tones. Like blonde hair, grey and white hair has a tendency to yellow - especially with sun exposure, overuse of hair styling tools and swimming.

Enter Redken’s shampoo for grey hair. With both violet and silver pigments, this dual-action system neutralises yellow undertones, counteracts brassiness and gently cleanses your hair. How? Well, it all comes back to the colour wheel. Since purple is opposite to yellow, it means purple and yellow can cancel one another out. Essentially, the purple cools down the warm yellow tones and you’re left with beautiful, salon-quality hair!

While it’s similar to blonde toner shampoo, this silver toning shampoo has a slight difference. As the violet pigments work on neutralising your hair, the silver pigments actually deposit colour onto your hair - giving your silver strands that much needed extra colour. Packed full with good ingredients, such as amino acids, we promise you’ll start to see the difference after just a few washes.

How to use

Redken’s Graydiant shampoo doesn’t replace your existing, daily shampoo or hair care products. So, incorporating Redken’s shampoo for grey hair into your routine is super simple. We’ll break down for you:

  • Start like you would with any other shampoo - jump into the shower (or bath) and wet your hair. Work the shampoo through your hair from roots to tips, massaging it through. Then simply rinse your hair well!
  • Don’t be afraid to repeat this process too. For maximum benefits, leave the second lather on for 3-5 minutes and again, rinse well.
  • For added softness and shine, follow up with Redken’s Color Extend Graydiant Silver Conditioner.
  • Although usage may depend on how much brightening and toning you need, we recommend using this shampoo 1-2 times a week for the best results.

Top tips:

  • To ensure you don’t get violet pigments on your skin, you can easily put some gloves on before you use the shampoo. But, if you do happen to get some purple stains, you can follow our tips on how to remove them!


With hair this gorgeous, you won’t be able to resist flipping your silky tresses.

Want to get your hands on Redken’s shampoo for grey hair and matching hair conditioner? Buy it online at Oz Hair & Beauty - you’ll even get free shipping when you spend over $50! Plus, with Afterpay available, you can afford to spoil yourself - go on, we know you want to.

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posted by

Caitlin Whan on July 03, 2019