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Say bye to fried ends with Kemon’s hero products

I am constantly on the look out to make my hair as healthy as possible. 1) because it makes it look good and 2) because it makes me feel good. Upon this quest, some of my most recent hair hero discovers have been amongst Kemon's Nuova Fibra Range, products all about strengthening hair health. And for the last month I've religiously been using Kemon's delicious hair mask and multipurpose oil, which have worked  together to really soften and help repair brittle ends.


But two products I am yet to try and have been on my radar, is Kemon’s night time treatment and leave in cream. I’ve heard from the beauty grapevine that they work wonders and are super nourishing for dry and coloured hair (which are two words that I can use to describe my locks). So naturally I was like ‘sign me up’ when I learnt Oz Hair & Beauty stock these bad boys.


My first impressions of the Night Treatment


Kemon's Actyva Bellessere Night Treatment is designed to make your hair soft af whilst you sleep (a major yes please). Thanks to the silicon-free formula, the mask works to nourish and moisturise your hair without weighing it so when you wake up your hair will be more manageable and radiant. 




I was very excited to give the Night Treatment a go. Upon opening the product I was instantly obsessed with the fruity and delicious smell. I applied a generous amount of the treatment into the mid lengths of my hair, and as instructions suggested, I avoided my roots. As soon as I applied it, my hair felt less frizzy and heavy, it was as if the treatment put my locks under a spell. As I brushed in the product, my hair literally transformed from a dry, frizzy mess into a silky, tamed mane… and I had not even slept in it at this point! If you you think I am being dramatic, head to our Instagram story highlights or click here to watch live footage from my first impression. 


Next up is Kemon's Leave in Cream


The next morning I went about my normal hair washing routine. Upon coming out of the shower, my towel dried locks were defs more velvety, healthy, soft and had a brilliant shine. I was so impressed with the impact of the night treatment, that it made me very keen to apply Kemon's Leave In Cream...


Unlike other leave in creams I've tried, Kemon's Actyva Nuova Fibra Cream is a reconstructing treatment enriched with Bond Creator Complex (BCC). What this means is that the cream works to optimise the reconstruction effect of the Nuova Fibra system, leaving the hair silky and soft. It also restores aged, weakened or damaged hair, making it more uniform, whilst helping maintain cohesion of the hair fibre over time. 



In terms of application it says to distribute 1 walnut-sized amount of product throughout freshly-washed hair. However it's worth noting that the optimal amount varies for everyone depending on hair length, thickness and degree of dryness or sensitisation. So if you are anything like me and have thick, Hagrid hair I used around 2 and a half squeezes. Once all applied, I combed my locks to evenly distribute and continued to style my mane as usual. Once I had completed my blow dry, it was game over to my iPhone storage because I may or may not have snapped dozens and dozens of selfies...



The verdict


I can absolutely confirm first hand that these additions to my hair routine made such an incred difference! My ends were visibly less fried looking and I even noticed much less hair fall when brushing during the week. 


My experience with leave in creams in the past have made my hair feel quite tacky and heavy, but I love how the Kemon formula is all about ensuring the products don't make you feel weighed down. The night treatment will also be something I will be using once a week or so, as I really enjoyed the fact that I can be giving my hair so much goodness all whilst asleep. All in all both these Kemon's products will be getting adopted full time into my haircare routine.




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Lara Severino on May 19, 2021