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These Kemon products saved my dry hair

If you’re anything like me, when your hair looks good, its an instant mood-booster. I mean let’s face it there’s no better feeling of whooshing your freshly washed, bouncy hair around pretending like you are strutting down a runway.


But then your hair starts to feel dry. And for me this is a very common feeling because I often bleach and colour my hair, which makes my ends quite brittle (*insert dramatic sigh for artificial blondes here*).


So this week, to combat this hair concern I put leading haircare brand Kemon’s products to the test. My main focus was to work on repairing strength and protection to my locks, too specifically hydrate my ends and overall achieve softer and shinier texture. To do so I chose 2 hero products from Kemon’s Actyva Vegan-and Love Nature certified range, which is all about restoring hair health of damaged hair.


Here’s the rundown…



Kemon’s Nuova Fibra Mask

You know that scene from Princess Diaries where we see the stylist break a comb on frizzy-hair teen Mia? Well that pretty much sums up how unruly my hair can be at times when it is not properly treated. 


Brilliantly, Kemon have created a formula to specifically target weakened and damaged hair. The Nuova Fibra Mask is a restructuring and protective treatment mask that improves the strength and resistance of hair, to reduce breakage and increase lustre. 


Now let me tell you, this mask honestly reminded me of butter (in the best way possible). It felt really luxurious - thick, rich and creamy - so it definitely felt like a treat.  Another big thing for me was that unlike other masks I’ve tried, the Nuova mask felt clarifying and nourishing in all the right places, without weighing me down. It was just as satisfying as when you finally find the perfect moisturiser that doesn’t clog your pores. And the best part, my fear of breaking a comb in my hair was put to rest, as the mask makes any detangling process so much easier, as the formula literally made any brush glide through effortlessly.  


Now let me tell you how to use

  1. Wash: I shampooed my hair as I usually do. No-one asked but for me that means Spotify on full blast with me jamming out to fresh tunes.
  2. Apply: Following that fiasco, I quickly towel dried my hair to remove excess moisture to prep my hair. Then I began massaging the mask in section by section. (Quick disclaimer, no you can’t eat it, even though it smells so delicious).
  3. Wait: The bottle does say to leave the mask on for 5 minutes, however I'm a bit of a baddie and ended up waiting 30 minutes just because I wanted an extra effect.
  4. Rinse & Style: After I paused Netflix, I rinsed the mask out, and went about blow drying and styling my locks as per usual.


Bellessere Oil

Now onto the beauty nectar - the Kemon Actyva Bellessere Oil. This hero product is by far one of my favourite hair oils I have ever tried on my hair. The ultra-light formula, absorbs almost instantly into my hair and added a silky soft feel. The oil also has frizz control which works like a dream, without feeling as if your hair is being weighed down by product.


I have been using the Bellessere oil all week as a finisher and love how confident it makes me feel. Whilst my hair still requires a quick straighten every few days in the morning for extra smoothness, a few pumps of this oil definitely makes my hair shinier and silkier towards the ends. It’s also made brushing my dry hair a much more enjoyable experience, as there is now little hair fall. Also, the smell deserves a special mention. It was nothing short of salon-quality - fresh, citrusy and long-lasting.


The stunning thing about this oil is that she’s a multipurpose queen. You can use it any of the following ways:

  1. On freshly washed hair, before blow drying or heat styling your hair.
  2. On dry hair, before straightening your hair.
  3. As a finisher after straightening your hair and for daily use.



So what’s the verdict?

All in all I have officially welcomed the Nuova Fibra Mask and Bellessere Oil into my beauty cupboard, and I see myself being in a long term relationship with the two. In a week of using these products the appearance and overall feel of my hair has significantly improved, with it being much shiner and visibly stronger. And that's a big yes from me. 


Shop the Kemon range today at Oz Hair & Beauty.

posted by

Lara Severino on April 18, 2021