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Why your coarse-AF hair needs N°.0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment

From styling, heat, sun, ageing and chemical services, life as we know it, can sometimes be a not so friendly place for our hair. And if you are anything like us, you don’t have a professional team of hairstylists on stand by. So whilst we can wish all we want, the facts are clear: we will never make it into the Kardashian fam (unless Kris Jenner is taking adoption applications). 


But there’s some good news: Olaplex.


Using science Olaplex has revolutionised hair health. The brand approaches hair in a way that all hair is the same, no matter its texture or integrity, which means hair can break in the same ways it heals. The addictive results of Olaplex have all hairdressers mesmerised, and absolutely obsessed.


Olaplex before and after


And if the results don’t speak for themselves, Olaplex is Kim Kardashian approved (no biggie). The iconic reality star is seen to often rave online about the magic of Olaplex for free, without the #sponsored post. At a beauty Master Class Kim even told the world “When your hair is really damaged, if you sleep in that, it really works. I notice a huge difference!” 


So if you're looking for a sign to treat your hair, this is it, because Olaplex’s latest professional-inspired treatment N°.0, Intensive Bond Building Treatment is HEAVEN. This newest member of the Olaplex clan, primes the hair for deeper repair, rebuilds hair bonds and strengthens hair integrity for all types of damaged hair. Plus it is safe for colour-treated hair, especially all you bleach blonde babes (you can commence the crying of happy tears right about now). 


The science

N°.0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment works as a step in a two-part system with Olaplex’s beloved N°.3 Hair Perfector. Acting as an intensive repair booster that absorbs deeply into the hair, the science is simple.


N°.0 + N°.3 = god’s work.


This magical pairing is scientifically proven to bring 68% more repair and boost the strength of hair by 3x.  Using these two products together not only revives damaged hair, but brings it back to its original, healthy state. So I mean yeah, we now have science and Kimmy K telling us how good Olaplex is (what more could we ask for at this point).


Here’s a quick rundown of how to incorporate N°.0  into your hair routine for maximum benefits:


1. Brush your mane girl!

A pro tip to start of with is to brush or detangle hair before applying any products. We want to avoid a Princess Diary makeover scene moment. This way N°.0 can easily be absorbed.


2. Time to saturate in the magic of N°.0

Time for the good shiz. With dry hair saturate the N°.0 onto the strands of your hair. This helps jump start repair deep within the hair strand. For thick, coarse or long hair, work in small sections to ensure each area is fully saturated. Once the product has been worked through, jam out to your fav Spotify playlist and boogie for 10 minutes.


3. Match up with N°.3 Hair Perfector

Next apply N°.3 Hair Perfector and massage all of your hair, combing through as needed. This helps strengthen hair, reduce breakage and spilt ends. Let this all process for a minimum of 10 minutes (this calls for a cheeky episode of Sex and the city).


4. Rinse fully & apply shampoo and condition

Put your episode on pause and hop into the shower and rinse your hair fully. For best results apply N°.4 Shampoo and N°.5 Conditioner.


All in all, upgrading your haircare routine with Olaplex’s N°.0 will have your hair feeling like luxury.


Sold yet? We knew you would be.

posted by

Lara Severino on January 31, 2021



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