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Damaged Hair

Affecting hair of any length or texture, hair damage is a common concern for many. There are many different ways that your hair may become damaged, from bleaching and dyeing through to heat styling, but the right damaged hair products can work wonders to help restore your tresses to their former glory. If you’re facing unwanted damage to your hair, changing up your hair care routine can be a good starting point.

When your hair is damaged, it requires some extra love and care to ensure that it is not only hydrated adequately, but that further damage is also prevented. Choosing a shampoo for damaged hair which has been designed with the needs of your hair in mind is a great place to start, allowing you to cleanse your hair and scalp without stripping all the protective oils present. Conditioning is key for dry and brittle tresses, so look for a conditioner for damaged hair that features nourishing ingredients. Damaged hair treatments, such as hair masks, are also welcome additions to any hair routine, especially those caring for damaged hair. Applied once a week or so, these treatments deliver some much needed moisture to frazzled hair. 

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