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Dandruff & Scalp Care

Although many of us focus on caring for our hair, trying to avoid split ends and unwanted frizz as we straighten, blow dry and colour our tresses, the health of our scalp is equally as important. Providing a base from which our hair grows, a healthy scalp helps to promote the growth of long, strong hair. As hard as we may try, however, the health of our scalp can sometimes fall out of balance, leading to uncomfortable itching, an excess of oil and other common complaints. Choosing the right scalp care products for your needs can help you restore balance and get back on track with your hair growth and health goals.

Everyday styling using hairspray, mousse, dry shampoo and other products can lead to an unwanted build up of product on the scalp. Reach for a clarifying scalp cleanser or specially formulated scalp care shampoo at least once a week to wash away the build up that has collected and get your scalp ready for the week ahead.ad.

If you’re prone to dandruff or have a sensitive scalp, ensuring that your scalp receives ample moisture is key to avoiding unwanted flaking. Choose a nourishing scalp care shampoo to gently cleanse without stripping much needed moisture or apply a scalp moisturiser to help prevent uncomfortable dryness.

Helping to stimulate the scalp and distribute nourishing natural oils throughout the hair, combs and brushes are a worthy addition to any scalp care routine. Massaging and stimulating the scalp while helping to break up product build up, scalp brushes and combs can also be used to work your favourite scalp serums deep into your scalp for the most effective results.

At Oz Hair & Beauty, you’ll find a great range of quality scalp care products in stock at great prices. Discover products from leading brands such as By Vilain, Davines, Paul Mitchell and Wella Professionals.

Uncertain of which products are right for you? Reach out to our friendly support team to learn which scalp treatments, cleaners and serums are best suited to your unique hair and scalp needs.

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