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Davines Hair is a renowned brand trusted by professionals and beauty enthusiasts worldwide. At Oz Hair and Beauty, we are a proud official Davines stockists so you can take comfort in knowing you’re shopping with a credible Davines Australia retailer. From nourishing Davines shampoo to indulgent Davines conditioner, Davines offers a comprehensive range of high-quality products that will leave your locks looking and feeling their best. Explore our extensive selection and unlock your hair's true potential with Davines hair products. Below is a breakdown of each of our core Davines ranges.


Unleash the beauty within your hair with Davines essentials. This is the most popular Davines range and holds host to a lot of sub-ranges such as Davines mono, Davines nounou, Davines Minu, Davines love, Davines melu, Davines solu. Each sub-range caters to a specific hair need and works as a medium to healthy hair. Some stand out products in the range are the Davines Momo shampoo which has great restorative properties, the Davines love shampoo which is all about pampering your tresses, and the Davines primer which is designed to give added hydration to your curled or wavy hair. Explore more of the Davines essentials range to find the best products for your hair needs


Embrace luxurious hair care with the Davines Oi range. You can indulge in the weightless hydration of the Davines Oi Oil (the famous Davines hair oil) and the revitalising effects of the Davines Oi Shampoo. Discover the versatility of the Davines Oi All-in-One Milk and the nourishing richness of the Davines Oi Hair Butter. Complete your Oi experience with Davines Oi Conditioner and unlock the secret to beautifully nourished hair.

Heart of Glass: 

Heart of Glass is all about tone enhancing for naturally or coloured blonde hair. Witness the stunning Davines heart of glass before and after transformations and discover the power of this range to bring out the natural beauty and radiance of your blonde hair. 

More Inside Styling:

Elevate your styling game with Davines More Inside styling range. Achieve effortless beachy waves with the Davines Sea Salt Spray, add texture and volume with the Davines Texture Spray, and refresh your locks with the Davines Dry Shampoo. If you have curls and want definition, then you can enhance those curls with the Davines Curl Building Serum. This range has anything you need to achieve luxurious styling, so explore the range today.

Natural Tech: 

Embrace the power of nature with Davines Natural Tech. Rejuvenate and energize your scalp with the Davines Energizing Shampoo, purify and rebalance with the Davines Purifying Shampoo, and overall just experience the harmony of beauty and nature with the Davines Natural Tech.

Pasta & Love: 

Discover the perfect pairing of Davines Pasta & Love. Nourish your hair with the love it deserves and experience the pasta-inspired care that Davines offers.


Transform your hair colour with the Davines Alchemic range and witness the stunning before and after Davines Alchemic conditioner and shampoo results. Dive into a world of vibrant hues and embrace the magic of Davines Alchemic.

The Circle Chronicles: 

Treat your tresses to a luxurious spa experience with a Davines Hair mask from the Circles Chronicles range. Indulge in the rejuvenating and nourishing properties of The Circle Chronicles and let your hair shine with renewed vitality.


Discover the refreshing and invigorating world of Davines Su. Protect your hair from the sun's harmful rays with Su's innovative formulations and embrace the carefree spirit of summer.

Experience the complete range of Davines hair products Australia at Oz Hair and Beauty. Whether it’s a Davines shampoo and conditioner, or any other Davines products, you can elevate your hair care routine with the brand, and unlock the secret to healthy, beautiful hair. So shop Davines products in-store or online at Oz Hair and Beauty today and discover the transformative power of this exceptional brand.


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