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Kèrastase’s Genesis line is forcing us to talk about hair-fall

Periods, menopause, sexual wellness, there seems to be an endless list of topics that are deemed inappropriate for us women to talk about openly - with female hair loss being one of them. And just like most taboo topics, there is a need to break stigmas and start conversations.


Especially with the topic of hair breakage, since all women at some moment in their lives will experience hair-fall. Hair fall occurs due to an array of different reasons. From diet, lifestyle and hormonal changes to using aggressive shampoos, pollution and over-styling. Yep, pretty much everything in life seems to trigger hair fall.


To raise awareness on this important matter, Kèrastase have launched the Genesis collection - a dual action fortifying haircare system, promising to be your hair fall solution.



The technology  

The Genesis collection is formulated to reduce hair fall due to breakage by up to 84% in 6 weeks. That means less hair down the drain, less hair on your pillow case & clothing items, and more on your head!  So to sound like a scientist real quick, here’s a breakdown of how the goodness in Genesis actually works:


Aminexil 1.5% helps with weakened roots:  Say hello to stronger hair, as this ingredient allows hair to anchor more solidly into the scalp and prevents collagen from hardening around hair follicles, in turn reducing fall from the roots.

Edelweiss Stem Cells combats fibre breakage: Known in skincare for its antioxidant power and collagen preserving properties, Edelweiss Stem Cells makes it capable for your hair to resist the most extreme conditions. 

Ginger root prevents daily aggressors: Helps hair be protected against daily external aggressors such as pollution, weather, styling (hair 1, straightener 0).


With boosted hair fibre retention and strength, the Genesis formula is scientifically proven to a) reduce hair-fall due to breakage by up to 84% and b) have you feeling like the queen that you are. 


The collection 

  1. Bain Hydra-Fortifiant - Anti Hair-Fall Fortifying Shampoo:

For all you girls with super fine, greasy hair this shampoo is for you. It gently clarifies and reinforces fibre to reduce the risk of hair-fall due to breakage and feels nourishing and clarifying in all the right places.



2. Bain Nutri-Fortifiant - Anti Hair Fall Fortifying:

On the thick hair side of things, the Bain Nutri-Fortifiant is the secondary version of the Genesis Fortifying Shampoo. It pays just as much attention to the scalp, but also targets thicker and more drier hair, whilst decreasing frizz and volume.


3. Fondant Reinforcateur: Fortifying Anti Hair-Fall Conditioner 

Treat your locks to hair butter using the Genesis conditioner. The formula is lightweight and after leaving it on for a couple of minutes, it will leave your hair feeling super smooth and make brushing your hair seem effortless. 


4. Masque Reinforcateur: Anti Hair-Fall Intense Fortifying Mask

Everyone loves a hair mask, and the Genesis mask is quickly becoming a crowd favourite. Think creamy, rich, thick texture feeding the ends of your hair. This replenishing formula is recommended to leave on for at least 5 minutes, so a relaxing bath is always a good opt.


5. Serum Anti-Chute: Anti Hair-Fall Fortifying Serum

Ahhh the Genesis secret serum. This stuff is said to work in conjunction with the shampoo and conditioner to kick start the hair fall treatment. Whilst it is the most expensive item in the collection, this is due to it locking in all the nourishing properties from the other products.  



6. Defence Thermique: Anti Hair-Fall Fortifying Blow Dry Spray 

Kiss your fried ends goodbye, with Kèrastase’s blow dry spray. This is a great finishing product to apply to protect both thin and thick, oily and dry hair types before using heat tools. The spray offers 24 hour protection against frizz in humidity as well as heat protection up to 230 degrees. It will also have your ends looking shinier and silkier. Hell to the yes. 


If Kèrastase launching their Genesis collection can teach us all one thing, is that it’s okay to be vulnerable and start a conversation. The Genesis collection is for all women, in all lifestyles with all degrees of hair-fall. And making the switch to Kèrastase’s latest line will mean you never have to feel afraid of falling.


Shop the Genesis collection today at Oz Hair & Beauty.