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Vitafive CPR Serious Pink Instant Hair Toner

How this simple hair toner can give you instant pink hair

Yes, we are still going on about pink hair. If it was a viable hair colour option all year round, we’d probably do it more often. But we do have an easier solution now if you want to turn your locks into a fairy floss shade: the Vitafive CPR Serious Pink Instant Hair Toner.

We’ve recently introduced Vitafive CPR to the Oz Hair & Beauty family and we’re already loving it. The brand is Australian, family-owned and only uses natural ingredients that are sustainably sourced. So when they told us that a pink hair toner was coming - we knew it’d be good! It boasts vegetable proteins, jojoba oil, Swiss grape and sunflower seed extracts in the ingredients. It also goes without saying - but this hair toner and the whole Vitafive CPR range is sulphate and paraben-free as well.

So if you want pink hair - or you just want to know whether you need to tone your hair - read on for the ultimate pink hair guide.

How the Vitafive CPR Pink Hair Toner will help with your pink hair goals


How does this hair toner work?

The simple answer is that it works similarly to every other hair toner actually. For those who aren’t avid hair colour enthusiasts, and don’t understand what toner does - it’s essentially the most important part of the colouring process. Bleaching is actually considered pre-lightening so the real colour is added when you use toner. People with blonde hair often need a hair toner and purple shampoo to make the colour more silvery. The same applies to achieve the perfect red and brunettes.

So the Serious Pink Instant Hair Toner adds pink reflects to pre-lightened hair to turn your hair into the perfect ink shade. Plus it doubles as a hair treatment thanks to its great reparative properties such as UV protection as well as heat protection up to 230 degrees. Like other toners, this one can also add shine to your new pink hair and help with frizzy hair too.



Does it work on everyone?

Similar to other hair colour products, this Vitafive CPR hair toner works best if your hair has been bleached or people who have naturally lighter or blonde virgin hair. The intensity of the pink colour can also depend on how porous your hair is and the dryness of your hair prior to application.

How do I use it in a routine?

Pink hair can be hard to maintain and the colour often fades pretty quickly. Hair toner generally only lasts two to six weeks depending on your hair type and how often you wash your hair.

But there is a way to double down on getting your hair to the perfect dusty pink shade and to hold colour as well. If you missed our last blog about pink hair, then make sure you keep reading on how to use this hair toner in conjunction with the Muvo Ultra Rose range.

  1. Apply Muvo Ultra Rose Shampoo to wet or dry hair and leave in for 1-10 minutes (depending on how pink you want your hair to be - see chart below) then rinse thoroughly.

Pink hair guide with Vitafive CPR Pink Hair Toner and Muvo Ultra Rose Shampoo

  1. Squeeze excess water out and apply Muvo Ultra Rose Conditioner, massage into your hair from roots to end then leave for 1-3 minutes.
  1. Towel dry then blow dry your hair so it’s at least 50% dry.
  1. Spray the Vitafive CPR Serious Pink Instant Hair Toner to your hair and massage it through your hair. Use a wide-tooth shower comb to gently work it through sections and distribute evenly.
  1. Leave it in and style as desired.



So now you know how to get your hair into that perfect pastel (or bright) pink shade thanks to a simple hair toner and the Muvo Ultra Rose range, it’s time to take the plunge and just do it. Pink hair can even be office-appropriate now! Alternatively, if you’re a blondie, the Vitafive CPR Hair Toner also comes in Serious Blonde, which works perfectly with the Muvo Ultra Violet Shampoo and Conditioner.

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Tammy Tu on May 29, 2019