A bottle of the Evo Happy Campers Leave In Moisturiser

The Evo Happy Campers Leave In Moisturiser Will Satisfy All Your Hair Needs

So it feels like every other week, you’re being told that you need to add another product to your hair routine. Shampoo, conditioner, hair treatments… where does it end? That’s why we love it when we find a really good product that can do a lot for our hair at once. That’s why we love the Evo Happy Campers Leave In Moisturiser.

Evo themselves call it a ‘wearable treatment’, which means that you can basically spray, forget about it and go. Personally, that’s our favourite kind of hair treatment because it’s no-fuss - and with Happy Campers, you’ll see some pretty great results too. But the benefits extend far beyond that. Keep reading to learn more about this happy little hair product.



Why the Evo Happy Campers Leave In Moisturiser is a must-have for your hair

Once you’ve washed your hair, the difficult decision to make is whether it’s a hair treatment kind of night. While deep conditioner masks aren’t always a viable everyday option, leave in treatments like Evo Happy Campers is the perfect solution for the time poor among us - or just for those nights we really can’t be bothered. Let’s break down some of the reasons why we’re using it religiously right now.

You pick the delivery

First of all, there’s a dual delivery delivery system, which means you can use the Evo Happy Campers Leave In Moisturiser as a spray or a cream for more concentrated effect. Cool, right? On days where you feel like your hair needs a little less, simply spray it in and when you need a little more nourishment, opt for the cream delivery.

It protects and repairs your hair

Once it’s in your hair, Evo Happy Campers Leave In Moisturiser works to add moisture to dry and damaged hair so it’s perfect for those who suffer from weak and brittle hair or have colour treated hair. But the great thing is that it’s also lightweight enough that you can use it daily, and on all hair types for a moisturising boost. Everyone can benefit from a little hair hydration - especially if you’re heat styling everyday. Speaking of which…

It helps speed up your hair routine

It also speeds up your blow drying time! Yep, just spray it in and do your usual hair drying and you’ll find that Happy Campers makes it a lot quicker and easier. Plus it provides heat protection as well as protection from UV as well. At this point you’re probably asking what doesn’t this leave in treatment do?

It’s a styling product too!

But that’s not it! The Evo Happy Campers Leave In Moisturiser also improves styling overall. So if you’re using it before styling and heading out, it can also help provide volume and hold too! So whether you use a hair straightener, a curling iron or just go for the standard blow dry, a little spritz of this can help extend your style.

What’s not to love?!



How to use it

The best way to go about using the Evo Happy Campers Leave In Moisturiser is to apply it to damp hair so it can soak in all the benefits we’ve been talking about. You can do the usual even spray throughout your hair or if you’re after the more concentrated cream delivery we mentioned earlier, simply spray into your hands first, then apply.

You can also spray Happy Campers into towel dried hair and let it air dry for pure style support. We also just like to spray it in, let it air dry and hop into bed to let it work its magic overnight.



Happy Campers, happy hair

It‘s no secret we love Evo hair products so we were happy (campers) to give Happy Campers Leave In Moisturiser a go. The results have been that we’re left with smooth hair plus reducing other products in our line up too. If that’s not reason enough to give it a go, we don’t know what it.

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Tammy Tu on December 16, 2019