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Don't burn, baby, burn: how to prevent and repair summer hair damage

With bright beach days and long summer nights can come some serious hair damage. From the power of the sun to the chemicals in your favourite swimming spots, there are potential pitfalls lurking around every sun-drenched corner waiting to damage your luscious locks.

Here are some things to keep top of mind when you're trying to keep your hair in tip-top shape during summer.



5 summer damage dramas

  • The horrors of chlorine. Sure a dip in the pool is nice, but the chemicals that keep your home swimming spots clean can also wreck your hair by making it weaker and changing its colour. Green hair from chlorine? It's real and it's scary. 
  • The ocean will leave you salty. Is no swim spot sacred?! Sadly maybe not for your hair. Similar to chlorine, salt water can zap your hair of much-needed hydration, leaving dry hair with a dead look.
  • Here comes the sun – look out! That beautiful sunkissed look can quickly become thin, broken and frizzy hair, leaving you frazzled if you're not careful. That's because UV rays attack your cuticles, creating dry hair that's brittle and full of split ends. 
  • It's the heat and the humidity. While humidity doesn't damage your hair per se, it can lead to you treating your hair with a few too many products. If you're not careful with what you're using, too many chemicals can leave your hair looking unhealthy. 
  • Your top problem. The top of your head can quickly become a problem area without you even knowing. Always looking up at the summer sun and not always visible to you, too much baking can lead to a dry scalp disaster. 

Answers to some of your summer hair problems 

The best hair treatment for dealing with hairy summer scaries depends on your type of hair and lifestyle. Here are a few hair treatment ideas to try.

Hydrate to keep it great

It's important to moisturise your hair no matter what the calendar says. But it's especially important to hydrate your hair when the sun and heat are going all dracula on the precious hydration levels in your 'do. The best hydrating shampoos can deliver much-needed moisture if your hair has already dried out. Adding other dry hair products such as reparative shampoos to your self-care arsenal can also help bring your locks back to life. Look for ones packed with antioxidants and rich oils.

Don't forget the conditioner

Rounding out your summer damage control with conditioner isn't a maybe. It's a must. Consider going for some leave-in conditioner that will revitalise your look and provide long-lasting protection against the evils of summer.

Build those bonds back stronger

Nobody's got time for split ends when summer's calling. There are plenty of split ends and breakage products that will help repair damaged ends, from replenishing serums to reparative shampoos that boost protein levels. Protein treatment for hair that's broken is also a good option.  



Say goodbye to dry scalp

There are plenty of things you can do to combat dry scalp and flakes, both in the summer and when the temp drops. The keys to dry scalp treatment include using scalp care products such as anti-dandruff shampoo with ingredients like coal and tea tree oil and other cleansers and conditioners made to tackle the issue.

How to prevent summer hair damage

The best defence is a good offence. By preventing summer hair damage before it happens, you might just be able to live the free and easy summer life without sweating the small stuff.

Beat the heat

When the thermometer starts to rise, it's time to consider pumping the brakes on your styling tools. If you can, see how you go without the straighteners and curlers, as they can speed up potential damage from the heat and sun. If you do use them, make sure you're also using heat protectant, which can lessen the risk of damage by forming a protective barrier around your cuticles.

Protect yourself

Keep your lid under wraps whenever you can. Wear a swimming cap when in the water. It might not be the cutest thing in the world, but if you're putting in the laps day after day, you'll want to keep as much chlorine as possible out. When you're out and about, take the chance to accessorise with a stylish hat, or chuck on a cap while on your morning walk or jog. 

Wash the swim away

Another way to protect your hair from chlorine and salt water is to make sure you give it a thorough post-swim wash. By doing so, you will prevent potential damage that could occur from letting salt sit in your hair.

Don't be afraid of a little trim

If you can get your dead ends snipped off before the sun gets a chance to really wreck them, you can put yourself ahead of the summer haircare game. Try to get a haircut just as the temperature is starting to rise so you can put yourself in the best possible position to see out the summer with as little damage as possible.  

Find some of the best heat protection for hair options online every day at Oz Hair & Beauty. They just might be what keeps your hot summer look from becoming a hot mess.

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Emily Fausset on February 24, 2021