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The Sculpting Cream for Curly Hair We’re Obsessed With

Let’s face it, taking care of curly hair is hard work. It turns into a frizz ball when we want definition or whenever there’s humidity, our curls go flat when we want volume, and sometimes there’s nothing we can do but pull it all into a bun. But don’t worry, there is some good news - because all of this is about to change.

Whether you’ve got tight coils, Shirley Temple ringlets or a slight kink here and there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of curly hair products available. From gels to leave-in conditioners, hair styling products, conditioners/shampoos and more, there’s a lot to think about. No matter what, there’s always one key product that every curly haired girl needs, and that’s styling cream - a magical product that keeps your curls defined, hydrated and gorgeous. And we’ve got the best sculpting cream for curly hair right here at Oz Hair - the Goldwell Curly Twist Curl Control Cream!

Want to see how you can help your curls live their best life? Keep reading! We have a nice little freebie for all you gorgeous curly haired girls.

Why we love this Goldwell sculpting cream for curly hair

The Goldwell Curly Twist Curl Control Cream is the best sculpting cream for curly hair for a reason. Specifically developed for the needs of unruly curls, this styling cream has a gentle, creamy and moisturising formula.

It not only provides smoothness and definition while leaving curls elastic and flexible, but it doesn’t weigh them down! It’s able to do this because of a key ingredient: bamboo proteins. Bamboo proteins help to keep your hair natural and flexible. Combined with even more amazing ingredients, this cream facilitates styling while taming frizz, and leaves curls bouncy and manageable.

Why else is it the best sculpting cream for curly hair? It offers heat protection for up to 200 degrees celsius, it has a delicious floral scent with water lily and grapefruit notes and it works with any curl type. Not to mention, it has a UV filter that protects hair from premature colour fade, damaging effects of heat styling and UV lights!

Perfect for short, medium and long hair lengths, as well as normal and coarse hair structures, this sculpting cream for curly hair will help you fall in love with your curls again.



How this curl cream fits into your routine

Incorporating the Goldwell sculpting cream for curly hair into your hair care routine is super simple. Filled with plenty of coil-loving ingredients, this curl defining cream is exactly what you need. No matter your curl or hair type, it works with your texture and helps you embrace your natural curl! We’ll break down how to use it in a few easy steps:

  1. Start out like you would normally with your daily shampoo and conditioner.
    We love the Matrix Total Result Curl Please Shampoo and Conditioner duo which is infused with Jojoba Oil and Wheat Protein to help moisturise, create definition and help support the structure of each curl.

    Tip: If your curls struggle to detangle and you don’t like brushing your dry hair, opt for a shower comb to brush out your hair during the conditioner stage. 

  2. After washing your hair, slightly towel-dry it. Then divide it into four sections and apply the Goldwell moisturising curl cream onto your damp hair.

    Tip: once a week, add a deep treatment curl mask to your hair routine like the Davines LOVE Curl Hair Mask before applying the curl cream. It helps adds extra nourishment and conditioning power to help achieve more elastic workable curls.

  3. As you apply the Goldwell curl cream, focus on the mid-lengths to ends (you don’t want too much product on your scalp) and ‘scrunch’ your curls.

  4. Simply air-dry or blow dry with a diffuser attachment (don’t just use a hairdryer on its own, otherwise all of your hard work will go to waste!).

Curly hair tips:

  • Since one of the ingredients of this sculpting cream for curly hair is water, it means you can easily reactivate your curls when they’re not feeling their best. Whether your curls got flattened while you slept or you had your hair pulled back all day, it’s easy to bring them back to life!
  • Simply dampen your curls (using either a spray bottle or just water in your hands) and reapply the Goldwell Curly Twist Cream. Make sure you don’t have soaking wet hair either!
  • Smooth the defining cream into your hair, scrunch and either air-dry or diffuse.
  • You can follow the same process if you only have a few curls that aren’t working for you. Simply dampen, reapply the cream and voila - dream curls again.



Ready to achieve those #hairgoals and bring back the bounce to your curls? Starting today, we’ll be giving away a sample of the Goldwell Curly Twist Curl Control Cream with every order! Yas, every order!

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Caitlin Whan on September 23, 2019