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Thinning Hair

Affecting both men and women, hair can start to thin for a multitude of reasons, from hormone changes and vitamin deficiencies to stress and genetics. Although you may not always be able to reverse the effects of thinning hair, with the right thinning hair products, you may be able to slow its progress and reduce the severity of its appearance.

Stimulate your scalp and encourage hair growth with shampoos for thinning hair. Featuring a host of cleansing and invigorating ingredients, these specialty shampoos are designed to treat hair loss at the root, while also providing plenty of body to help your hair look and feel thicker. Hydration and adequate nourishment are key to healthy hair, with thinning hair conditioners helping to prevent unwanted breakage. Create the illusion of thicker hair with products designed with styling thinning hair in mind. From hair waxes and pastes to styling foams, these products may assist in enhancing the appearance of your hair. Thinning hair treatments, including scalp serums, hair masks and other treatments, support your wider hair care regime with beneficial formulations, restoring fullness and creating conditions optimal for new hair growth.

Whether you’re after shampoo, conditioner or a whole new hair care regime, you’ll find a huge range of quality products from leading brands at Oz Hair & Beauty. Shop for products for thinning hair from brands such as Nioxin, Paul Mitchell, Kérastase, and more.

Not sure which products are right for your hair concerns? Reach out to our friendly customer service team for advice on the right thinning hair products and treatments for your needs.

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