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The Best Haircuts for Fine Hair

The Best Haircuts for Fine Hair

Anyone with fine hair knows that styling can be tricky when you don't have enough hair to work with. We all desire a fuller, thicker mane that we can style in various ways. Luckily, with the right haircuts and styling products, you can achieve the best styles for your fine locks. To help you out, we have compiled a list of the best haircuts for short, fine hair as well as the best products that you should try to create and style these looks. 

How do I give my fine hair more volume? 

There are a few things that you can do as a part of your day-to-day routine to get your hair looking more voluminous than ever before. Just a few of the steps that you can take towards a thicker and more voluminous haircut include: 
Try a thickening shampoo or conditioner  - Special shampoos and conditioners for thin hair add volume to strands, though not a permanent fix, they they can give you a quick fix of volume.  

Cut your hair shorter - The longer a specific hair strand is, the heavier it weighs on your head. Short hairstyles keep your hair light and let your roots do their thing without being weighed down!  

Improve your brush - The quality of your brush can vary significantly, and better brushes are a must for thin hair to avoid pulling, tugging, or snagging.  

Use tactical hairspray - Hairspray can add a little bit more volume to your hair on nights out and other big events. It’s far from a permanent solution to your issues, but a strong underlayer can do wonders for your look.  

Don’t touch your hair too often - Touching our hair means that the oils transfer to your strands, with the oil leaving them limp and unimpressive - You can look but don’t touch! 

What are the best haircuts and hairstyles for thin hair? 

A lot of the time, hair isn’t just dependent on the way it’s growing, but what you do with it. There are plenty of easy hairstyles for fine hair that you can go for to make the most of your look. Find out more about the best haircuts for fine hair and pick a trim that suits your needs. 
The Bob Cut  

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A bob haircut is one of the classics. This one-length cut is practical and easy and can be styled in so many different ways - layered, choppy, clean, and blunt there's so much flexibility in a bob cut. 

The Blunt Mid-Length Cut  

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The blunt mid-length cut is one that doesn’t have any layers cut; it's a straight across cut to the hair, leaving strong-shaped ends. There are plenty of styling options available with a blunt cut. You get rid of all your split ends at once, with the health of your hair generally improving. 

Long-Layered Pixie  

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A timeless style made popular in the 1950s by the icon herself, Audrey Hepburn. The long-layered pixie cut has a lot of short, stacked layers in the back with long layers in the front. Not only is this fashionable, but it's a practical cut for concealing fine lines on your forehead if this is something that interests you. 


Classic Layered Haircut  

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The classic layered haircut is a classic for a reason. Layered cuts can be great for framing your face and staying long enough to give you plenty of flexibility to style however you like. If you have thin hair you might want to avoid a layered cut, as some of the longer layers can end up looking somewhat sparse or straggly since there isn’t enough hair to give good coverage. 

Blunt Bob with Bangs  

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The blunt bob with bangs is a straight cut at the bottom of your hair, with lengths ranging from chin length to shoulder length, this time combined with a straight fringe. Layers and texture aren’t to be found in this cut, helping you look like your hair has a much greater density and thickness while taking off any unhealthy split ends. 

A Deep Side Part  

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The deep side part takes the side-swept fringe to a whole new level. The effect is a spectacular-looking parting that adds even more volume as you coax your hair into parting further along than normal, causing it to rise up and away from the root. 

The Layered Lob  

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A layered lob combines all the layers of a classic cut with the bob style, keeping your hair short and controllable. This is almost the perfect combination for someone with thin hair that struggles to keep the look and feel of more volume. Chic and modern, this is a new take on the bob that adds a little bit more fun and flexibility to the cut.  

Shaggy layers with Bangs  

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Effortless, casual, and cool, shaggy layers are characterized by choppy ends, numerous layers, and abundant texture. Instead of appearing thin or straggly, employing the appropriate hair care routine for your shaggy layers can give even fine hair a voluminous and stunning appearance. Consistency and proper routine application are key to achieving fantastic results. 

Long Curtain Bangs  

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Long curtain bangs are the best way to test the waters if you're nervous to take the leap and get bangs. This cut generally reaches down anywhere between your cheekbones and your chin. If you have naturally wavy hair, this could be a perfect option for your next cut, since the curtains will naturally draw themselves away from your face, offering you a low-maintenance alternative to an otherwise busy look.  

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